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QuikSpin Adhesion Tips

Posted by: developer
| Jul, 7 2009
  1. Start with a clean clamp.  If there is dried glue on the base of the clamp, the vane will not sit correctly.
  2. Pinch the clamp closed.  The kicker will not be affected by the extra pressure of the clamp.
  3. When using a fast setting glue, the best fletch prep is water.  Alcohol or acetone can cause the fast setting glue to become brittle.
  4. Rough up the base of the vane with sandpaper.  Then wipe with a mixture of water and baking soda.  For your safety, please do not rough up the shaft of carbon arrows.
  5. Start with a fresh tube of glue each year.  Adhesive makers do not guarentee the glues past one year from the date it was packaged.