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Broadhead Tuning

Posted by: developer
| Jul, 7 2009

_bhead_tuning_chart.gifAfter going through the paper tuning you can check your broadhead flight. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for the impact point of a broadhead to be different than that of a field point. With the proper bow weight, arrow and tip weight combination you should be fairly close.

Set a suitable broadhead target 20 to 30 yards away. Using the same field point tipped arrow that you paper tuned with, pick your aiming spot and shoot. This arrow should be on target and give you a solid reference. If it is not, make adjustments to your sight.

Remove your field point and install your broadhead. Using the same aiming point, shoot the broadhead. If the broadhead impacts close to your field point, shoot the same arrow a few more times. Mark the target and be sure that you are within a respectable group size for your ability.

The shot group is key. If you are shooting respectable groups but the impact is off from your aiming point, simply make adjustments to your sight. Or if you wish, continue.

If you are not grouping well, there are a few adjustments you can make to your bow. If you followed the paper tune, these adjustments will be very slight and have an insignificant effect on your field points. The following will only work if your arrows are properly spined or slightly overspined. If your arrow is underspined, broadheads become extremely difficult, if not impossible, to tune.

  • If the broadhead hits below the field point, move the string nock down.
  • If the broadhead hits above the field point, move the string nock up.
  • If the broadhead hits left of the field point, move your rest right, or soften the cushion button spring tension.
  • If the broad head hits right of the field point, move your rest left, or stiffen the cushion button spring tension.
  • The minor adjustments you make for broadhead tuning will have very little effect on field point flight.


You may have a perfectly tuned bow and perfect arrow flight. However, perfect equipment can never replace practice. If you are having problems, get the assistance of your local archery pro shop. They will be happy to help.

  • Shaft spine/Tip Weight
  • Tiller
  • Center Shot
  • Wheel Timing
  • Shaft Straightness/ Broadhead Alignment/Wobble