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Posted by: developer
| Sep, 8 2009
  1. Shockwave will open, NO MATTER WHAT
    The design of the Shockwave GUARANTEES that they will open, at any shot angle. Even closed the Spitfire blade is already partially open, so it has to continue to open when the target touches the blades. They WILL slam shut after passing thru a target and hitting the dirt. There will be a little dent in the aluminum washer where the back of the blade rests when the head is in the full open position.
  2. High Angled Shots are NO PROBLEM with the Shockwave
    A lot has been talked about recently about the angled shot capability of mechanical heads. The Shockwave broadhead handles these types of shots with ease. Blades will ALWAYS deploy properly on high angle shots. Remember, not much beyond a 45 degree angled should be attempted with a bow regardless of whether it’s a fixed blade or mechanical.
  3. It does NOT take much energy to open this head.
    Again, a lot a people talk about how much energy mechanicals need to open. The Shockwave will open with less than a pound of energy. The pressure you feel when you open the head by hand is not the same pressure that occurs when the head is flying fast. This being said, we recommend that anyone shooting ANY of our broadheads, mechanical or fixed blade, have at least 45 pounds of kinetic energy and have excellent arrow flight to get the best chance at a pass thru.