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Posted by: developer
| Sep, 8 2009
  1. Can I use left hand fletched vanes with the Crossfire?
    The Crossfire SpinTabs are designed to work with vanes that are either straight, right hand offset, or right hand helical. The Crossfire does not work well with left handed fletched arrows.
  2. Rotating Technology explained
    The rotating cartridge on the Crossfire is designed to find the path of least resistance as it enters a game animal. The cartridge will turn if the blades contact bones at a glancing angle to give the head excellent penetration power.
  3. Resharpened blades VS new ones.
    It’s always best to use new blades when possible. No resharpening techniques will get Crossfire blades as sharp as new ones. The Crossfire has multiple grind angles which produces the sharpest blades possible.