New Archery Products


Posted by: developer
| Sep, 4 2009
  1. Practice with BloodRunner Practice Heads
    The Bloodrunner does fly like a field point, but it’s still nice to practice with the actual head just to be sure. We carry dedicated Bloodrunner broadheads that are identical to your hunt-ready heads, they just don’t open. Practice makes perfect!
  2. Hybrid Technology Explained
    The Bloodrunner is a Hybrid mechanical broadhead. It is closed when flying and slides open when it hits a target. It does this by having a light spring inside the head that keeps it closed when flying. That’s also why it will appear closed when you pull it from a target or when it passes thru a target and you find it laying on the ground. The head will open going thru a target and close back up (spring pressure) when it passes thru.