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QuikTune Drop-Away 2000

Posted by: developer
| Sep, 8 2009
  1. Is there enough centershot for my bow?
    NAP carries a special extended rest block in the rare case that more centershot is needed. Just contact us by phone or email for your free extended block.
  2. What Drop Speed should I use?
    In most cases, the drop speed can be set as low as possible. This makes the rest extra quiet. High drop speeds are only needed in rare cases. The accuracy of the rest is the same regardless of what speed the rest drops at.
  3. I have a bow with a cable slide mounted BELOW the grip. Can I use the QT2000?
    The QT2000 is designed to be used on only bows with a cable slide mounted ABOVE the grip. For bows with the cable slide below the grip, check out the QuikTune Smartrest or the QuikTune 2100.
  4. Can I use the QT2000 with a roller guard bow?
    No, the QT2000 and QT4000 are designed for bows with a conventional cable slide, not a roller slide. Check out the QuikTune Smartrest of the QuikTune 2100.