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QuikTune 800

Posted by: developer
| Sep, 8 2009
  1. How well does this rest work compared to a drop away?
    The QuikTune 1000 is just as accurate as a drop away rest. The downward spring compliance of this shoot-thru style rest set the standard for all shoot-thru’s since. It doesn’t need to be a drop away to be super accurate.
  2. Is there enough centershot for my bow?
    The QuikTune 800 works well on any modern bow made with no issues with centershot.
  3. Will this rest fit my Hoyt TEC riser?
    Yes, this rest is fully compatible with Hoyt Tec riser designs.
  4. How durable is this rest?
    Although the QuikTune is our most economical shoot-thru rest, it is also one of the best performers. This bulletproof design is rugged enough for arctic hunts and stands up to any weather conditions you may hunt in. It is weather hardened from cold, dust or dirt and works no matter what.