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QuikTune 3000

Posted by: developer
| Sep, 8 2009
  1. How well does this rest work compared to a drop away?
    The QuikTune is widely recognized as the most accurate rest ever created, and that includes drop away rests. The micro adjustment features of this rest were carried over to our Smartrest and QT4000 line of drop aways. It doesn’t need to be a drop away to be super accurate.
  2. What Drop Speed should I use?
    In most cases, the drop speed can be set as low as possible. This makes the rest extra quiet. High drop speeds are only needed in rare cases. The accuracy of the rest is the same regardless of what speed the rest drops at.
  3. Can I convert my QT3000 to a drop away?
    No. The parts of our QuikTune dropaway rests are not compatible with the ones in the QuikTune 3000