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QuikTune Sizzor

Posted by: developer
| Sep, 4 2009
  1. Why are there 2 models of the Sizzor?
    The Standard Sizzor works on all bows except the Hoyt models that have the TEC riser design. We’ve created a specific Sizzor model to perfectly fit with that style bow.
  2. Can I use the Sizzor with a roller guard bow?
    Yes, the Sizzor works equally well with roller guard bows like Mathews as they do with conventional slider cable guard bows.
  3. Is there enough centershot for my bow?
    The Sizzor has extreme centershot capability to fit any bow, including bows with far out centershots, like Bowtech bows.
  4. Does the Sizzor work well in freezing weather?
    Yes, the Sizzor is weather hardened and tested in the most extreme conditions imaginable and will always open properly.