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QuikTune Freedom

Posted by: developer
| Sep, 4 2009
  1. How does the Freedom work?
    The Freedom is an innovative design that does not need cables or ropes to activate the rest. The forward movement of the arrow shaft across the two friction rings causes the arrow rest to rock forward, down, and away from the arrow shaft. The special shape of the head guarantees perfect fletching clearance.
  2. Can I let down with the Freedom?
    The Freedom rest has a let down feature that will keep the rest in the up and ready to shoot again position, if you decide to let the bow down. Just pull you bow back again and your ready to shoot.
  3. Is the Freedom quiet?
    The freedom is super quiet. The friction rings that your arrow rides across make no noise whatsoever. Also, the rest is designed to last a lifetime.
  4. What arrows can I use with the Freedom?
    The QuikTune Freedom is designed to work with all carbon arrow sizes and small aluminums as well. Up to 21/64th size aluminum arrows work well.
  5. Does the Freedom work well in freezing weather?
    Yes, the Freedom is weather hardened and tested in the most extreme conditions imaginable and will always open properly.