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QuikTune 360 Capture Rest

Posted by: developer
| Sep, 4 2009
  1. Tuning with the QT 360
    When getting the QT360 ready to shoot, always remember to setup your nock point about 1/8” high. This is the recommended position used for any NAP rest on a modern cam bow. We recommend using the paper tuning method to assure your arrow rest is set properly and the arrow is flying true as it leaves the bow. A nock high tear in the paper usually means that the rest needs to be lowered, or your nock point needs to be moved up slightly.
  2. What arrow sizes work with the QT360?
    Any hunting arrow will work great with the 360. Very slender target shafts (like an A/C/C 3L-18.
  3. Do the brushes ever wear out?
    The brushes on the QT360 are designed to last for thousands of shots. One worn brush indicates a centershot adjustment needs to be made. If you notice one brush wearing more that another, adjust the horizontal adjustment towards the brush that shows more wear. Replacement parts are available through NAP.