New Archery Products


With a one-piece molded design, and offset vanes for enhanced arrow flight control—the SpeedFletch vane system gives you a fast, reliable and durable option to fletch your arrows.

There's no need for a jig—and no need to spend a bunch of time fletching your arrows. SpeedFletch takes the hassle out of the process—simply slide the SpeedFletch cartridge/tube onto your arrow shaft … add a few drops of SuperGlue at each end of the tube … let it dry—and you're done!

Click here to download the Speedfletch size chart.  This will help you determine which size Speedfletch will work for your arrow.


MEDIUM White 60-202
MEDIUM Green 60-203
MEDIUM Yellow 60-204
MEDIUM Orange 60-205
LARGE White 60-230
LARGE Green 60-231
LARGE Yellow 60-232
LARGE Orange 60-233