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The Crush Collection

The Pros know! NAP Quikfletch shrinks your groups. The Quikfletch™ Pro Series Vane System feature NAP's patented QuikSpin SPEEDHUNTER kicker/micro-groove technology that that spins arrows up to 6 times faster than conventional vanes. Result? Stable, straight driving arrows for tack-driving accuracy and optimum penetration.

Patented Kicker and Micro-Grooved Combination

QuikFletch QuikSpin ST features NAP's patented kicker and micro-grooved combination on the 2" vanes. This spins arrows up to 300% faster than conventional vanes. Result - increased accuracy, tighter groups and extended effective kill range. Award winning performance for hunting, 3D, or competition shooting.


60-888 Crush Pink 6-Pack
60-889 Crush Orange 6-Pack
60-579 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin Pink Crush (100 pack)
60-580 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin Orange Crush (100 pack)