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QuikFletch Features & Benefits

Quikfletch® Quikspin® Crossbow 3”

The QUIKFLETCH® VANE SYSTEM has become synonymous with “ease of use”. Last year, we introduced the 3-inch Crossbow QuikFletch—designed specifically for today’s fastest crossbows—making it faster and easier than ever to replace damaged vanes on crossbow bolts. With a shorter profile 3” vane, the crossbow QuikFletch rides freely within the rail groove—providing a clean release that offers true downrange flight and accuracy out of today’s fastest crossbows. The time-saving, hassle-free benefits of the QuikFletch vane system—now in a crossbow-specific offering.

3" NAP Quikspin vanes for increased arrow rotation and improved accuracy.

Weight: 36 grains
Vaine Height: 15/32" (0.47")


60-669 QuikFletch 3" Quikspin (W,Y,Y) 6-Pack
60-671 QuikFletch 3" Quikspin (W,O,O) 6-Pack
60-670 QuikFletch 3" Quikspin (W,G,G) 6-Pack