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QuikFletch Features & Benefits

Quikfletch® Quikspin® 2”

If you can boil water, you can professionally crest and fletch an arrow in less than 10 seconds. QuikFletch is the easiest way to fletch your arrows either in the field or at home and they are guaranteed not to slip!!!

They shrink to fit any size carbon or aluminum arrow shaft and are available in popular color combinations of Flo Yellow, Flo Green, Flo Orange and White.

The QuikSpin vane is the most accurate vane ever created in the history of archery.

Patented Kicker and Micro-Grooved Combination

QuikFletch QuikSpin features NAP's patented kicker and micro-grooved combination on the 2" vanes. This spins arrows up to 300% faster than conventional vanes. Result - increased accuracy, tighter groups and extended effective kill range. Award winning performance for hunting, 3D, or competition shooting.

New Bone Collector, Crush, and Archer's Choice Models Available

Weight: 33 grains
Vaine Height: 17/32" (0.53")


60-633 2" QuikSpin (W Y Y) 6-Pack
60-634 2" QuikSpin (W O O) 6-Pack
60-635 2" QuikSpin (W G G) 6-Pack
60-744 2" QuikSpin Black Tube (W,Y,Y) 6-Pack
60-745 2" QuikSpin Black Tube (W,O,O) 6-Pack
60-746 2" QuikSpin Black Tube (W,G,G) 6-Pack
60-747 2" QuikSpin Black Tube (W,W,W) 6-Pack
60-661 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin - (W,Y,Y) 100-pack
60-662 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin - (W,O,O) 100-pack
60-663 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin - (W,G,G) 100-pack
60-381 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin Black Tube - (W,Y,Y) 100-pack
60-382 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin Black Tube - (W,G,G) 100-pack
60-383 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin Black Tube - (W,O,O) 100-pack
60-384 Quikfletch 2" Quikspin Black Tube - (W,W,W) 100-pack