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Spitfire® MAXX

Meet Maxx...Spitfire's big brother. With a full 1 3/4 inch cutting diameter, a cut-on-contact point, and the legendary Spitfire features that serious bowhunters have preferred for over 10 years. Field point accuracy, offset blades and no o-rings or rubber bands, rock solid reliability and renown NAP quality.

Super Large Cutting Diameter

Super large 1-3/4” cutting diameter for devastating take down power. The largest entrance and exit holes for massive blood trails.

Sharpest Blades In The Industry

Diamize™ sharpening process create the sharpest blades in the industry for massive hemorrhaging.


100 grain 1-3/4"
125 grain 1-3/4"


60-665 Spitfire Maxx 100 Grain 3-Pack Cut on Contact
60-798 Spitfire Maxx 100 Grain 3-Pack Trophy Tip
60-979 Spitfire Maxx 125 Grain 3-Pack Cut on Contact
60-799 Spitfire Maxx 125 Grain Trophy Tip
60-693 Spitfire Replacement Blades (9)
60-698 Spitfire 100 Maxx for Crossbow (3 pack)