New Archery Products

Spitfire® Gobbler Getter

Spitfire is undoubtedly the most trusted name in mechanical broadheads! Spitfires fly straight with pinpoint accuracy and perform better than any other mechanical thanks to the sharpest DiamizeĀ® blades, and they stand up under the toughest conditions. The practice blades mean you can save your super-sharp blades for the big day.

Micro Grooved Slimline®

Ferrule Micro Grooved Slimline® Ferrule Patented micro grooved ferrule greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power. No other broadhead in the world flies as true as the Spitfire, period.

Shock Inducing Turkey Point

The Gobble Getter's point is engineered for maximum shock inducing power as it hits the bird. No other broadhead takes down turkeys as quick as the Gobble Getter.

Diamize™ Sharpened Blades

The Diamize™ sharpening process creates the sharpest blades in the industry for massive hemorrhaging and knock down power. The are the sharpest broadhead blades ever created. Sharper blades equal quicker kills.


100 grain, 125 grain 1-3/4"


60-250 Spitfire Gobbler Getter 100 3-Bld. 3-pack
60-251 Spitfire Gobbler Getter 125 3-Bld. 3-pack
60-238 Spitfire 100/125 Practice Blades (9)