New Archery Products

Spitfire® EDGE

It's a Spitfire on steroids! The SPITFIRE EDGE has the proven Spitfire features, strength, killing power and accuracy plus more! Exclusive NAP straight/serrated blades are devastating on hide & flesh, and saw through bone like a hot knife through butter. Offset blades produce gapping exit holes and massive blood trails. Proven design and precision manufacturing deliver "out-of-the-box" field-point accuracy.

Hardened Trophy Tip®

Legendary Trophy Tip® point is specifically designed for maximum bone splitting power and unbelieveable durability.

Micro Grooved Slimline® Ferrule

Patented micro grooved ferrule greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power. No other broadhead in the world flies as true as the Spitfire, period.  

Devastating Blade Design

Straight edges slice hide, flesh and arteries. Serrations saw through bone like a hot knife through butter!


100 grain 1-3/4"


60-892 Spitfire Edge 100 3-pak
60-684 Spitfire Edge 100 Repl. Blades (9)
60-829 Spitfire 125 Practice Head (1 pack)
60-980 Spitfire Edge 125 3-BLADE (3 PACK)