New Archery Products

Bloodrunner® II

Field point accurate, fixed blade strong - that's BLOODRUNNER. The ultimate in combination fixed blade & mechanical technologies. Low profile in flight, massive cuts on impact. 2-1/16" open diameter 2-blade is super-strong, has the sharpest blades in the industry and deliver absolute dependability. Open. Closed. They cut no matter what. Guaranteed!

It Cuts No Matter What

The hybrid mechanical design of the BloodRunner provides a low 1 1/8” profile in flight for field point accuracy, and expands to a full 2 1/16" cutting diameter on impact that stays open all the way through your target.

Super Strong

Designed with two scary sharp 0.035” thick stainless steel blades, the BloodRunner is strong enough to stand up to even the toughest targets.

Practice Heads Available

The BloodRunner Practice Heads will preserve your broadheads for the field. The practice head is engineered to perform with the same accuracy as the BloodRunner Broadheads.


100 grain 1-1/2"


60-685 BloodRunner II 100 Grain 3-Pack
60-686 BloodRunner II 100 Grain Practice 2-Pack
60-687 Bloodrunner 2-Blade Replacement Blades 100gr. 3-Pack
60-982 Bloodrunner 125 2-blade (3 pack)
60-984 Bloodrunner 125 2-blade for Crossbow (3 pack)