New Archery Products

Bloodrunner® 3

The BloodRunner® 3 is a unique broadhead that delivers field point accuracy and a 1-1/2 inch cutting diameter for massive blood trails and quick recoveries. Three scary sharp .035” thick super strong blades will even deliver a 1 inch cut in the closed position, which means this broadhead will never fail - guaranteed. Strength, accuracy, and absolute dependability; everything you’re looking for in a broadhead.

It Cuts No Matter What

The hybrid mechanical design of the BloodRunner® 3 provides a low 1” profile in flight for field point accuracy, and expands to a full 1 ½” cutting diameter on impact that stays open all the way through your target.

Super Strong

Designed with three scary sharp 0.35” thick stainless steel blades, the BloodRunner® 3 is strong enough to stand up to even the toughest targets.

Practice Heads Available

The BloodRunner® Practice Heads will preserve your broadheads for the field. The practice head is engineered to perform with the same accuracy as the BloodRunner® Broadheads.


100 grain 1-1/2"


60-664 BloodRunner® 3 100 Grain 3-Pack
60-677 BloodRunner® 3 100 Grain Practice 2-Pack
60-688 Bloodrunner® 3-Blade Replacement Blades 100gr. 3-Pack