New Archery Products

Spitfire® MAXX

The Deep Six Spitfire Maxx is a 3 blade mechanical broadhead that makes huge cuts. With a 1 ¾” cutting diameter and new “over-bore” technology the D6 Spitfire Maxx penetrates deeper for maximum devastation. The new longer Trophy Tip allows the broadhead to penetrate deeper into the target before the blades deploy, which further reduces the chance of deflection even on the steepest angles. 

1-3/4” Cutting Diameter

1 3/4" cutting diameter provides huge wound channels for quicker recoveries.

New Longer Trophy Tip

New longer Trophy Tip allows for more penetration before broadhead deployment, which reduces the chance for deflection on even the steepest shots.

Larger Entry & Exit Holes

Over-bore technology creates larger wound channels, which allows your arrow to pass through the animal with less friction, thus increasing penetration.

Compatible with Easton Deep Six inserts


100 grain 1-3/4"


60-988 Deep Six Spitfire Maxx

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