New Archery Products

Quiktune® 360 Capture® Rest

New and improved and better than ever! Our new capture brushes allow you to shoot with no vane contact and at any angle - even upside down. No vane contact means no loss of speed, no drag, and no possible damage to your fletching. This also means increased accuracy. There is no need to use de-icing products in cold, wet weather. Wind will not disturb your arrow as it rests securely on the 360° CaptureRest.

Weight: 2.5 ounces

Laser Graduations for Vertical and Center Shot

The QuikTune 360 has easy to read laser graduations for vertical and center shot. Setup takes just a few minutes.

Amazing Accuracy Without Damaging Your Vanes

The 360 utilizes wear resistant brushes that do NOT damage your vanes in any way for unbelievable shot accuracy and consistency.

Choice of Finishes

New for 2010, the QuikTune 360 is available in Realtree APG and tan as well as the original black color.

Features New “Soft Touch” Finish

The new soft touch finish helps to reduce noise incase of accidental contact with your arrow, release or other gear.


60-350 QuikTune 360° CaptureRest Black R/H
60-351 QuikTune 360° CaptureRest Black L/H
60-689 QuikTune 360° CaptureRest Tan R/H
60-690 QuikTune 360° CaptureRest Tan L/H
60-691 QuikTune 360° CaptureRest APG Camo R/H
60-692 QuikTune 360° CaptureRest APG Camo L/H
60-191 QuikTune 360° CaptureRest Lost Camo R/H
60-734 QuikTune 360° CaptureRest Lost Camo L/H
60-490 Replacement Brush and Lower Cap Kit