New Archery Products

Flipper® Rest

The Flipper Rest II was the first arrow rest to use a folding arm with return spring to provide optimal fletching clearance.  This arrow rest is easy to install with self adhesive mounting and thanks to it's extra rugged construction the Flipper Rest is ideal for even the heaviest compound or traditional bows.

  • Ideal Arrow Rest for traditional bows and compounds with non-offset risers.
  • The first arrow rests to use a folding arm with a return spring
  • Gives great fletching clearance, increased arrow speed, flatter trajectory
    and better arrow penetration.
  • Ultra-thin for maximum centershot clearance.
  • Easy to install - self adhesive mounting
  • Rugged construction.


60-104 R/H Flipper II
60-105 L/H Flipper II