New Archery Products

Zip Saw

Easy-to-use, Zip Saw’s surgical steel wire blade gives hunters a faster, safer way to ensure top-quality game meat while field dressing. Zip Saw slices neatly through hard-to-cut pelvic bones in seconds. This high-quality tool comes with a hand-crafted pouch that slips conveniently into a shirt pocket. Replacement blade pack available.

For absolute hands-free ease, Brisket Brace is the ideal companion to the Zip Saw. This stainless steel spreader takes just a moment to put in place and safely exposes the entire organ system.

Unique Blade Design Slices Bone But Won't Cut Your Hand

The Zip Saw easily cuts through thick bone sections, but is absolutely safe to handle with no chance of getting cut accidently.

Brisket Brace
This brace easily holds your animal open while field dressing.


60-326 Zip Saw
60-328 Brisket Brace
60-329 Combo Kit(Zip Saw & Brisket Brace)