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I am now convinced that NAP Killzone Trophy Tip mechanical broadheads are the best on the market! After shooting a 177" 10 point at 25 yards, I watched him run only 30 yards and fall over. The buck was estimated at 275lbs. live weight. Thank you!
I Shot this buck with 2 bladed Bloodrunners at 18 yards he only went 50 yards and dropped.He weighed 195 pounds field dressed and green scored 160 inches .
My son Keldon`s first buck. 22 Yd shot, 120 Yd. Blood trail. Shot about 7am 11-10-2012 Berks county Pa. This is his 6th deer. 2 with crossbow (he was 12) 2 with 243 rifle, 1 with inline, 1 with compound He now draws 68lbs. proud dad!
Sunday morning, 11/04/2012 (Indiana), I bagged me a 10-point Whitetail buck. It scored out at 152 and weighed 180 lbs. field dressed.
i love these broadheads there tough, ive shot 3 deer using the same one and when i shot this 8pt this year its finally done.... Spitfire MAXX
Shot these 2 adult does within 3 minutes, shot the 1st one, then the 2nd one walked over and stood in the same spot. Had 2 arrows stuck in the ground beside each other. Not may tracking skills needed. Northeast Iowa Nov. 5, 2012. QDMA at work.
The NAP KillZones are the best broadhead in existence. I will not shoot anything else; the huge entry and exit wounds make finding the deer effortless, of course that is if it doesn't pile up in front of you first. Thanks NAP for a great product!!
i have used the 3 blade blood runner the last two years i have tryed rage this year but lost my 2 deer and went back to my blood runners and will never switch again gonna stick with them both bucks only ran 30 yards and tipped over great broad head
East Texas River bottoms. Matthews Z7 Extreme w/ NAP Thunderheads/ feral hog
I was fortunate to take this impressive 14 pt. buck that gross scores around 180" midday Halloween 2012 while using CoC Killzone broadhead.
October 20 2012 8 point 53 yard shot The broad head cut completly through front shoulder and two ribs hit lung and heart this are by far the best broad heads i have ever used
100 thunderheads are as good as they get shot this 225lb P&Y stud right throw both front sholders ran mabe 75yards crazy blood trail looked like u were pouring it out of a bucket. will never shoot anything but NAP thunderheads
10 point with split G2's on both sides, Gross 152"
Huge Wisconsin bow kill. I had no problem tracking him after being hit with a spitfire broad-head. Thanks for making a great product.
Sorry guys, but I dont have a picture of myself to go with the trophy, had to do all the work myself. I made an approx. 25 yard shot on this Sow, standing broadside. She traveled 15 yards before expireing. The NAP Thunderhead performed well.
CT cull buck
New York Doe
2012 New York 8 point
hey fellow archers im 20 years old and have ben hunting with a bow sence i was 11 ive allways used nap thunderhead 100 grains broadheads this bobcat was killed in upstate new york with my hoyt carbon element and a 3 blade nap bloodrunner
This is my 12 year old daughter Taylor and her first deer. It was harvested on 10/19/12 using a HellRazor broadhead and Quickfletch Quickspin vanes.
Doe killed on 10-12-2012 with NAP Spitfire expandable broadheads. I absolutely love these broadheads. This doe was down in less than 50 yards with an amazing blood trial. Thanks NAP!
8 Point 155 lbs Otter Creek ky
First buck with the new Killzone.
Wisconsin 12 point split G2s, drop tine, 14 inch inside spread 15 inch outside shot with Hoyt Turbo Hawk shot October 20th 2012 in the a.m.
10/20/12 Granbury, Texas
11 pointer
My first deer killed with a bow spitfire maxx worked great put a huge hole all the way through he ran about 50 yards and dropped the blood trail was ridiculous both sides looked like a broken fire hydrant thank you for making a great product
8 Point shot in Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County) on October 1, 2012 with a 2-blade cut-on-contact Killzone. Buck was in excess of 250 lbs. Great product!
Kendall Haas from LeGrange Wyoming used a Killzone 125 to make a great 30 yard shot that put down this great whitetail.
2012 Montana Bull once again NAP Crossfire & Quick Spin Vanes did not dissapoint me. Two years back to back 300+ bull. Thanks NAP!!!
1st bear harvest tag, first ever bow-kill.
Shot this buck second day of the season. Killzone put him down
Wisconsin 157 6/8 gross score
Thanks guys for producing a broadhead that flys great. The entrance holes and exit are out of this world. I have shot two bucks with the same head.
13 Point Texas Stud, taken 3min into opening morning. NAP Spitfire and NAP Twister Quick Fletch!
Wisconsin Gobbler
#2 Wisconsin bird for 2012, taken with NAP gear.
Florida Wild Hog
Florida Wild Hog
2012 Wisconsin Longbeard
Shot with the blood runner 2 blade