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First P&Y buck in 15 years of bowhunting.
FOC 170 opening wound incredible. Through chest and then breaks leg on exit. Awesome.
I was hunting the week after opening bow season in Columbia City, Indiana. I looked behind me after sitting in stand for a hour, and there is a 6 point buck fighting this buck. I waited ten minutes and he came 25 yards in front of me. He was done.
Thank you NAP for making quality products. I took this 157 inch Illinois buck with a 100 grain HellRazor, he went a mere 25 yards on a double lung hit. This is the 3rd deer I have shot with the same Hellrazor and it is still sharp. Thanks NAP!
Taken with a Spitfire 85 and 2" Quikspin.
I harvested this nice buck using your Spitfire MAXX 100 gr. Check out the wound it made in his heart. What an incredible product. Thanks
I harvested this nice buck using your Spitfire MAXX 100 gr. It made the most incredible entry wound I have ever seen. The hole was as big as the palm of my hand. Not for posting. Just wanted to show the entry hole. Thanks.
I harvested this nice buck using your Spitfire MAXX 100 gr. It made the most incredible entry wound I have ever seen. The hole was as big as the palm of my hand. I have been using Spitfire broadheads for 13 years and they have never failed me!
Just because I didn't kill either of these bucks don't mean they are not a trophy. I Rattled these two in and they came in looking for the other bucks fighting. So I started taking picture.Thunderhead 100 are the only broad heads that fly right
Bear I shot 235 pounds without guts. Shot in NH
shot october 27th 2012
2012 Kansas bow kill. 100 grain NAP Crossfire. Father and I have been die hard crossfire fans and have many P/Y and B/C bucks to show for it. Devastating broadhead. People cannot believe the hole this broadhead makes along with short blood trials.
First deer ever harvested.....NAP Killzone got it done. Complete pass through from 27yds out of my ground blind, broke a rib going in and coming out. They fly straight and hit hard......Thanks NAP
This was the entrance hole made by a NAP Killzone! Awesome blood trail and unbelievable wound channel!
Shot this buck with a spitfire at 35 yards. Deer ran 30 yards and crashed.
Sept. 28 2012 85 Thunderheads,Quikfletch Quick Spin 160" 12 pt. Central Wi. Oct. 28 2012 50yd recovery, in site.
My first kill in South Africa. A complete passthru at 29 yards and the broadhead was still razor sharp. The Deep Six Thunderheads killed 6 more animals with one shot each. I just need to find out where to get replacement blades for my broadheads.
Canyon Young, 15, took this nice buck at 47 yards in New Mexico's Sandia Mountains. Canyon was using Easton Injections with NAP's Deep Six broadheads. This was Canyon's 13th big game animal.
I got this 10 point on Nov. 13,2012 in Jefferson county, Kansas. My largest buck ever! Used my new barnett crossbow with a 125-grain Spitfire Maxx broadhead. Massive bloodtrail. Only went about 50 yards after shot. Very impressed with this broadhead!
I shot this 10 point at 30 yards with a Blood Runner II. The direct heart shot allowed him to run only 10 yards before falling to the ground. Great product. I encourage others to use blood runners.
After 3 years of bowhunting seriously, it finally paid off when I shot this guy October 26th, 2012. With the Spitfire Maxx and about a 20 yard shot i got a clean pass through. He only ran about 70 yards before he crashed in the timber.
I shot this big 14 pointer on thanksgiving morning. I used a bloodrunner and this big buck only ran 40 yards after being hit
Just doing my part for wildlife management and the original Spitfire is helping out by puting deer down hard. They never seem to make it very far before face planting in my sight. What a great product.
This joker jumped the string at 25 yards, but the marginal shot did not matter due to the large cuting diameter of the original Spitfire. He expired in only ten yards. Thats what I call a smack down!
I smoked this doe at 44 yards with an original Spitfire broad head. No matter what distance, this head flys straighter than any other ive ever shot allowing me to recover more game. Thanks again to NAP!
Came in, out of the fog at 18 yards broadside. One solid HellRazor, and he only went 20 yards. Shot him 2 days after the gun season.
On Nov. 6th I spotted this coyote at about 70yds in the hemlocks off to my left. After a little squeaking of my lips this coyote made it's way into an opening at 34 yards. I turned the video camera on him settled my second pin onto his head.
Northern Illinois White-Tail taken with with a 3 blade bloodrunner at 20 yards. The deer went down within 75 yards and his gross score was 153".
Jacob Polakowski (Age 13) used his Dad's Crossbow using a Spitfire Broadhead to take down this very large 16 point Buck in Michigan.
shot this buck on nov 7 with a killzone. That was the fourth animal I killed with them.
My IL 12 point, gross score 147 4/8 with the new KILLZONE. It was as hard of a quartering away shot you could ever take. I hit him at the back of the ribs and it stopped in the brisket. Aprox 2 1/2" entrance hole
I harvested this great 8 point on public land in MI on Oct 5th of this year 2012, He weighed in at 206 lbs field dressed and I hope he will make P&Y!! I was using the Quiktune Freedom arrow rest along with the Apache 8" Stabilizer and carbon slide.
Killed this beast with a NAP Killzone broad head.. I actually missed him, a doe, and another buck earlier. Had to exit my stand to gather my arrows, got back in stand, re-nocked the Killzone, and drilled this guy at 25 yards broadside.
This is an Ohio Buck that I got using a Bloodrunner broadhead on 11/21/12. Love using a broadhead I can trust.
Oct. 1st 2012, Bentley Louisiana. Spitfire Maxx, PSE Omen, Gold Tip Kinetic Pro.
This was taken in southern New Jersey with my tenpoint xbow with the spitfire's. it is a 9pt about 175lb piebald or calico buck.
Not a harvest photo, just a Hellrazor and a Apache ready to go to work.
126" North Texas 8 point. Shot 11/19/12
KillZones sealed the deal on a less than perfect shot.
This is my 9 point I took in Michigan with the NAP Killzone along with my PSE Stinger. Deadly combination! Thanks for all your hard work to bring us such amazing products!!!
11/15/2012, Second to last evening of New Yorks archery season. Rush out after work, in the tree at 4 oclock. Just before sunset, he comes in following a doe, stops at 15yds and gets the Killzone threw the boiler room. Happy blood trails. A