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I shot this giant on November 3 2012, I spit him with a Thunderhead 100. he ran about 60 yards and went down. Nothing I shoot runs out of sight with these broadheads. thanks for making such a great product.
It was early november the rut is just kickin off on a saturday morning, this buck walked out 30 yards in front of me and i hammered him with my hoyt crx 32 and my nap nightmares theses broadheads are amazing ill never shoot anything else.thanks NAP.
I took this doe using a Ten point Titan Extreme crossbow. This Arkansas deer ran 25 yards and dropped. The broadhead made 2 inch entry and exit holes. I am very happy with this product.
I shot this nice buck on Nov. 16th in Kent County Michigan. One well placed shot to the lungs, he ran 40 yards. End of story. I'm a happy hunter.
First buck with the bow, 2012 MN archery season. Season lasted 1.5 hours for me.
Northern Michigan bow season back-to-back success with Spitfires. The best of bloodtrails.
2012 12 point taken w/ my Switchback XT @ 28 yards with FMJ w/ quickspins and Spitfire Maxx. He dropped in under 50 yards with a nice hole in his lungs and 1 of the 3 blades cutting into his heart. Even got the hunt on video!
Killzone Crossbow Broadhead did a superior job on this matriarch doe that I took on the last hour of the last day of the Maryland Bowseason !! The performance was outstanding !!!!
11/9/2012 bowkill semi guided hunt at Sunfish Valley Outfitters in Lathem Ohio Bowtech Insanity bow,NAP Killzone trophytip couldn't ask for any better results thanks nap
Wild Boar SCI Score 41 12/16
This buck was shot on Nov 8th with my bow in Oklahoma! He green scores a gross of 183 7/8ths. The thunderhead delivered my first ever pass through and left a trail 6 inches wide to follow. A very happy moment walking up on this buck! Thank you NAP!
Florida wild boar with the HellRazor.
Got bored in my tree stand early one evening and took this picture i thought it was sweet and I love my Apache drop away rest it works great!! would not buy anything different!
Hunted this 52 inch Kudu Bull at Tsala Safaris in Thabazimbi, South Africa. Equipment used: Mathews MR7, 76lb, 29 inch draw, Easton FMJ, NAP Hellrazor 125gr. Total arrow weight 570 gr.
this was my first ever deer. i know hes not a monster but ill never forget this little 6 point. i shot him with the nap thunderhead and will use nap broadheads for a long long time. thanks guys!
This is an eight point I killed in Chatham County N.C. in December 2012, using a NAP 100grain Thunderhead. The deer was down with in 60 yards. Mechanical broadheads are the new fad, but it's hard to beat the tried and true Thunderhead.
2 deer in 2 days Halloween weekend
I shot this buck on Nov 8th, 2012 at 4pm in S. Wisc. I rattled him in and shot him at 30 yards. My NAP Killzone made for an easy 40 yard recovery. Buck scored 145 1/8 and was the easiest tracking job I've ever had on a mature archery buck.
10 point 225# dressed
I stuck this 10 point with the killzone in late October. This was a state land buck from Bay County, Michigan. These broadheads are devestating. This buck ran 50 yards and was down. The killzone wasnt bent or damaged at all. Great Product NAP.
Good Meeting you at the ATA show here is my wife's bear. Her bibs were a bit tight 6 mo. pregnant at the time.
Arizona mule deer 2013
used a new NAP killzone this season with exellent results!! Thank you NAP!
Only use nap broad heads, and have always loved the results, almost no tracking on every deer taken! Excellent broad heads.
Heres my 2012 whitetail. I wasnt able to get a good picture of him since I had to work right after I shot him and a friend pulled him out of the bush for me. Arrow went right through him again! I watched him fall at about 40 yards.
Spitfires bust right through a moose at 30 yards. He went about 60 yards
my third and biggest archery grizzly. All of them shot with a spitfire. Arrow went right through him and he made it only fifty yards!
my second stone ram. lived for about five seconds and made it about 40 yards. steep down hill shot with a spitfire. My best trophy to date!
63 yard shot. Spitfire went right through him and I watched him fall over again.
My best sitka blacktail. Again I watched him fall over
My second archery grizzly. He lunge ahead as a shot him and I made a poor shot. Good thing spitfires cut such a large hole, he bedded at 60 yards.
watched him fall over again! Spitfires are awesome!
I have been using spitfire broadheads for the past six seasons. As a DIY bowhunter in British Columbia Canada, they are unbelievable. Every animal I shoot dies within seconds and most of them I get to watch fall over. Here is my last mountain goat
She is not a "trophy" in the sense we normally think of, but wanted to show how the Killzone Trophy Tip shattered the shoulder. the bone was literally "sliced" in half, not just broken. its a devastating broadhead!
Took this 11 pointer January 1st 285lbs have seen multiple times on trail camera for two years. Finally got him!
Big Nasty A/C Injection= 20 13/16 Newfoundland Black bear.
Have been using NAP mechanicals for years and in 2011 the 100 grain shockwaves where deadly on bears, again.
I shot this female Roe from Finland in september 2012. It was my first Roe whit bow.
Oct 2012 The NAP Big Nasty filled the freezer. With yet another blood trail under 35 yards. Thanks for staying on the cutting edge of technology.
This is my first season and first deer. Couldn't be happier.
I shot this coues deer at 40 yards with your spitfire broadhead. The broadhead performed flawlessly. I have tried other companies broadheads before but yours are by far the most accurate and heavy duty. Thank you for such an outstanding product
SCI record Red Hartebeest overall rank 11, method 2. The Hartebeest was arrowed in Namabia using a Thunderhead fixed blade. It went maybe 35 yds. I love Thunderheads!
This is a doe I took this fall using the Killzone for the first time. She only went 30 yrds. from where she was hit.
Broadhead used 100gr Spitfire Maxx. Public land. November 29, 2012. 141 P&Y green score. 7 1/4" droptine.
Southern Illinois Grey fox taken with spitfire maxx on November 12th With apache stabilizer... Jackson county IL thanks again NAP... Nothing but the best
2011 was good to me. I shot this 175 8 pt buck with my matthews 100 spitfire max thanks you.....
outstanding arrow flight with quick spin fletching
11/19/12 13-Pointer, 293lbs. field dressed. Ohio
30yrs of Bowhunting !! Always with NAP! 1st 15 yrs Thunderhead 125, last 15 or so with the Razorbak 125, which is still in my quiver. But this yr, the new Killzone! This buck was at 30yrds with a 20mph cross wind, 4" back, recovered 125yrds out! Sold
Feral Pig taken with NAP Thunderhead. Shot at under 40 meters......
Billy Goat taken with NAP Thunderhead. Shot at under 10 meters......
Texas hill country. Thanks to the Thunderhead!! Biggest buck with a bow, so far! Possible Pope & Young... Waiting for cure time!
Spot and stalk on a great 10 point buck. Spotted about 90 yds away in MID-DAY. Stayed in heavily wooded area and moved to 35 yes and made the shot of my life through a 8 inch window between two trees. A perfect heart shot, he crashed 25 yds away!
Pa Mtn 8pt shot using a 100gr Thunderhead!
Nov 2 2012 13 point 230 gross - 190 dressed
I've been using NAP Broadheads since the beginning of my Archery Hunting Career. My NAP 85 Grn Shockwaves have always done the job. It is one tuff hunting tip. Strong easily replacable blades and I dont loose Kinetic Energy with this head. THANKS NAP
I took this 120" Western PA Whitetail on a November 6th, midday spot and stalk. Was out checking trail cameras when I spotted him bedded. 35 yard shot as he stood up to go after a doe and I found him within 75 yards. Thanks for a great broadhead!
Brutus shot with a NAP Thunderhead. 20 scoreable points 168 inch non-typical that may be in the top 25 all time for archery in PA.
NAP shockwaves are absolutely devastating on turkeys. I and my hunting buddies have used them to take over 120 birds in five different states. We also use them on deer, bear and antelope where they've proved themselves time and time again.
Hi folks my name is Ethan Rutherford this is me with my 2012 buck I shot on October 21st using NAP killzone broad heads. This is one of many trophy deer I have taken using nap archery products. Thanks happy hunting everyone.
130" Florida Whitetail ! NAP Thunderhead. Best Broadhead Hands Down !