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Here is the moose I took at 45 yards with a thunderhead razor shot out of a Mathews Chill 2013 35" Bull.
Free range boar shot April 26 2014 at R-Cinco Ranch in Franklin, TX. I shot this hog with my G5 Primal 29" @ 65# shooting ICS Beman 400 with NAP Bloodrunner 2 blade. He tipped the scale at 283lbs. Short track job 30 yards max! Love these broadheads!!
ND Whitetail Buck
2014 ND Spring Gobbler
I took this turkey in Wisconsin with a Shock Wave 85gr broadhead.This is my 5th turkey taken with a NAP Shock Wave 85gr.
2014 First Day of Season 15 yards Hoyt carbon spyder 30 Black Gold Vengence Winners choice string 3R Archery Prostaff
April 1st Kansas also here is the video
October 30, 2013. In addition to the Shockwave, also was using a Shockblocker 500 stabilizer, Quicktune 2100 drop-away. Harvested in Marion, MI.
You can believe that when my kids are old enough to hunt, they will also be using the most dependable head on the planet "SPITFIRE BABY"
Another one bites the dust with an original spitfire. What can I say, the broadhead speaks for itself.
Shot this buck with a spitfire 125 grain broad head the hole it made in this buck was incredible. THANKS SPITFIRE
4 x 4 blacktail, Chowchilla Mt. 2013. 225 lb
Thanks to the Quiktune 360 capture rest i was able to stalk up on another big southeastern New Mexico deer.The stalk started at 7:45 a.m. and ended at 4:35 p.m. with a 50yd shot.This rest is ideal for spot and stalk.Scores 184 5/8 broke 193 5/8 ntbrk
63 yard shot
I love your products, 4 deer credited to the Spitfire Pro and 2 deer and my first Trophy Black Bear with the Thunderhead.
The KillZone MAXX's did the trick this year. I took this Mule Deer in early December of the 2013 ND archery season.
This buck was shot on Nov. 15 2013 at about 8:45 am. Shot at 20 yds. with a 125 grn. Thunderhead. The shot was a complete pass through and the deer only went 65 yards and droped in his tracks.
This is my third submission out of my first 3pack of Killzone broadheads. If this is what it looks like to shoot Killzone broadheads, I wish I had them 20 years ago. Thanks NAP
During a late season hunt,out of the thicket came this coyote looking for the doe that had been bleating. But little did he know it was a man calling. And before he could figure it out he had a Killzone broadhead passing through both lungs Thanks NAP
This buck came into a scrape it had been visiting for three days. When it stopped at 37 yards I let my Killzone tipped arrow fly. The arrow flew true,like a guided missile and hit its spot. And down went this 277 pound dressed 10 pt. buck.Thanks NAP
SPITFIRE BABY!!!! Killed this doe with my 2014 Mathew chill r using the 125 grain spitfire broadheads. They are some of the baddest mechanical head I have ever shot. She was quartering away I hit her in last rib and blew out the breastplate.
I've used thunderhead 100 grain heads for years but the killzone puts them down hard.
Another one bites the dust thanks to the HellRazor 125gr. First bull elk with a bow. Frontal shot taken at 10 yards. Complete penetration, short tracking job. Love these broadheads!
On November 4, 2013 this 7 point buck came in and offered me a 27 yard shot. Releasing my arrow with my NAP Quickfletch twister on it, it flew very straight & hit the sweet spot and he ran 20 yards. I am only 15 but LOVE NAP products. Can't beat em'!
September 2013, I called this 5x5 in with cow call and decoy. Pulling just 53 pounds shot him at 15 yards with Hellrazor 100 grain broadhead, he only went 100 yards. (Dot, the dog only there for pack out!) LOVE THIS BROADHEAD! Excellent performance!
This buck came to rattling at 32 yards. I pull 53 pounds and aimed low anticipating that since he was looking at me he would jump the string. He didnt and I hit low. I found him (70 yds) Hellrazor 100 gr went through elbow joint, ribs & heart! WOW!
160 class KS buck at 16 yds. Angled shot from treestand with placement between neck and shoulder. Complete penetration from chest through flank-died within 100 yds. Maximum tissue destruction. Lethal is an understatement. Total hemorrhage effect.
I shot this buck on the morning of November 9th 2013. I was using a NAP Killzone and the deer only ran about 125 yards before expiring. The Killzone left a great blood trail right up to him. I have used NAP broadheads for over ten years.
I took this buck on Oct 12th 2012. The largest buck I have ever taken and the first buck in PA.
My first buck with bow an nap didn't let me down the NAP KILLZONE did a number on this buck thanks nap for making a great product .....
Jess Grabow - 2013 Missouri Whitetail.
Had this buck on trail cam all year and finally put him down with the NAP thunderheads right threw the lungs. Left a awesome blood trail and entry and exit hole. He scored 135. It was a 30 yard shot.
2013 ND archery mule deer.
Central Ohio Yote, taken 11.16.2013 with killZone MAXX
I used a bleat call and called a doe into 3 yards and he came out and started to make a scrape until the doe walked under my stand where I could get my grunt call without getting caught and he came running I called him into 7 yards. Praise Jesus!
First year for crossbows during archery season in KS. WickedRidge Crossbow and Bolts with your broadheads. 10 yards from blind with 1 minute of shooting light left, first shot of my life at live target, and dropped him on the spot. Excellent product.
I took this 8 point Georgia buck on the morning of November 22, 2013. I got him using my Mathews Monster XLR8, Beman arrow, and NAP Killzone broadhead. This is the biggest deer I've killed.
Eastern Colorado Mule Deer-November 8, 2013. Archery hunt during the rut. Mathews Drenalin LD, Carbon Express Mayhem, Nap Spitfire Maxx. 72 yard shot with a pass thru.
Grunted in this 7 point with kicker to make 8 scoreable points for my 2013 buck. Taken with a Switchback XT @ 23 yards with FMJ and Spitfire Maxx. He ran down hill 55 yards and went belly up. Then slide into the steep hollow.
Wyoming whitetail killed with a 100gr COC Killzone at 51 yards. Love these heads! Bowhunt or Die!
shot this bear at 19 yards blew plumb through it made it about 25 yards and expired.. NAP Killzone broadheads are awesome.. will never shoot anything else
100 grain crossbow killzone is a devastating broadhead with awesome flight and perfect deployment.
I took this big10 point buck in northeast Ohio. He was chasing a doe at 28 yards on the 10th of November. The Killzone broadhead worked great. Thanks for a great product!
Ks. 2013. 35 yards. 21" inside spread.
Took this buck chasing a hot doe, I had to yell three times to get him to stop for a 25 yard shot. Third season with a NAP drop away, great rest.
November 14 Missouri 166 1/8" 8 pt. The killzone put him down in a just a few seconds
Halloween Kansas buck 2013 The killzone put him down in 60 yards
My nice 7 point i got this past Saturday. Shot him with the Bloodrunner 2 blade 100 grain. Love the penetration. This buck was a "scrapper" as we call the fighters. He's beat up but hey he's a prize to me. left beam is mostly broken off but good.
This is my stepdaughter Kyndra, She arrowed this 9 Pt on the last day of the PA archery season (Nov 16, 2013) on public land. This is the first time she hunted in 12 years and the 1st deer she ever harvested! Her crossbow was set up with Spitfire!
This 7 point was taken in Pa. Archery season October19,2013. It actually was a doe with antlers. The Pa. Game Commission says it is rare but does occur. Taken with Parker Challenger Crossbow using Nap Killzone deep 6 broadhead.
best day of my life
Thanks for your kill zone broadhead, they are awesome.
Shot this buck with the 2" killzone. Really did a number to him.
Full Metal Jackets + NAP Bloodrunner's = 10 Point Down! Owego, New York
This is the first deer that I have ever killed using a bow, and the HellRazor Broadhead performed beautifully! From a little over 20 yards away the broadhead was sharp enough and hit with enough force to drop the doe right where she stood, instantly
Eight point buck shot in Massachusetts dressed out at 175 i've been using an NAP archery products since I was a Knee high to a grasshopper 85 grain thunderheads drops th every time