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100 grain crossbow killzone is a devastating broadhead with awesome flight and perfect deployment.
I took this big10 point buck in northeast Ohio. He was chasing a doe at 28 yards on the 10th of November. The Killzone broadhead worked great. Thanks for a great product!
Ks. 2013. 35 yards. 21" inside spread.
Took this buck chasing a hot doe, I had to yell three times to get him to stop for a 25 yard shot. Third season with a NAP drop away, great rest.
November 14 Missouri 166 1/8" 8 pt. The killzone put him down in a just a few seconds
Halloween Kansas buck 2013 The killzone put him down in 60 yards
My nice 7 point i got this past Saturday. Shot him with the Bloodrunner 2 blade 100 grain. Love the penetration. This buck was a "scrapper" as we call the fighters. He's beat up but hey he's a prize to me. left beam is mostly broken off but good.
This is my stepdaughter Kyndra, She arrowed this 9 Pt on the last day of the PA archery season (Nov 16, 2013) on public land. This is the first time she hunted in 12 years and the 1st deer she ever harvested! Her crossbow was set up with Spitfire!
This 7 point was taken in Pa. Archery season October19,2013. It actually was a doe with antlers. The Pa. Game Commission says it is rare but does occur. Taken with Parker Challenger Crossbow using Nap Killzone deep 6 broadhead.
best day of my life
Thanks for your kill zone broadhead, they are awesome.
Shot this buck with the 2" killzone. Really did a number to him.
Full Metal Jackets + NAP Bloodrunner's = 10 Point Down! Owego, New York
This is the first deer that I have ever killed using a bow, and the HellRazor Broadhead performed beautifully! From a little over 20 yards away the broadhead was sharp enough and hit with enough force to drop the doe right where she stood, instantly
Eight point buck shot in Massachusetts dressed out at 175 i've been using an NAP archery products since I was a Knee high to a grasshopper 85 grain thunderheads drops th every time
Alberta Muley, I have used HellRazors since I started bowhunting. I will never use anything else.
My 1st bow deer ever.He is a 15pt buck.He bedded down 50yds out from me for 20 min then he left and came back I seen him scrapping 80 yds out so I grunted and he came in.He gave me a perfect broadside shot at 30yds.He fell where I hit him. Thanks NAP
Thanks to the Killzone MAXX, tracking was a piece of cake.
My biggest buck so far (Taken in 2012 in Michigan). Thanks to Spitfire broadheads. I have used Spitfires since they came out on the market and will continue using them as long as they are made.
This 160lb 10 Point was killed in Blythewood, SC using the NAP Spitfire Edge broadhead. The shot was 17yds into both lungs. The deer went down less than 75yds from where he was shot. He was following a doe through the woods grunting as he walked.
Shot this buck at 15 yards while dogging a doe. He ran 75 yards and piled up. I love the simplicity of your Quick Fletch. They work great. Nice work NAP
Samantha Mack of eastern pa, with her 10 point buck, Samantha has been using NAP Spitfire MAXX Mechanical broadheads for years!!! Thanks for the great product!!!P.S.I have a pic of the heart of this 200lb deer with a perfect shot, its impressive!!!!
Sat In Deer Stand All Day Texas Style!!!
6 pointer. Ottawa county. Michigan
Got my first buck on 11/1/13 using a Spitfire Maxx. I have never saw so much blood come from a deer. I hit heart, lungs, and shattered both shoulder blades. The head is in perfect shape. he only ran 35 yards before piling up. Thanks NAP!
Last night of a four day hunt in North Dakota. Big body heavy horned drop tine buck at 15 yards. Bad shot on my part, but the killzone made up for it. Deer went 70 yards just pumping out blood. Thanks NAP
2013 southern Illinois buck! First time using Kill Zone, and the only mechanical I'll ever use! This was a 472 g arrow shot at 42yrds and hitting right where I was aiming!
2013 season Bear Motive 6, NAP Kill Zone. Southern Illinois.
Love these Broadheads My deer only ran 45 yds and dropped.
500 lbs & 28" Blue Wildebeest, broadside shot at 26 yards with Thunderhead Edge, complete passthrough! It fell down 100 yards behind the blind. I have the video on the following link to prove it :)
This is a photo of my first ever whitetail buck, a 12 pointer with double split brow tines. He was chasing some does and stopped at 15 yds. I didn't make the best shot on him but the Killzone put him down! Also use the Apache rest and 8" stabilizer.
Both pigs didn't even make it 60 yards. Living in Africa has it's benefits.
It was my first real season back in four years.Serving United States Marine Corps.Had pictures of this buck on my trail cam twice in the summer an the last piture i notice he had the spilt main beam.Never saw him again till that day in oct.character!
I shot this 9 pointer on public land in east Tennessee. The NAP Killzone was awesome! I love the blade quality, straightness, and toughness of these heads. Rage has nothing on Killzones and the blade locking system is 10 times better! Killzones are my new go to head.
My very first deer with a bow. Complete pass through at 26 yrds.
I just shot a buck in Ohio this am. Used the Spitfire broadheads which leave a real easy to follow blood trail. Buck only made it about 50 yards and was DRAINED out!! Lost the broadhead but found the deer!!! Second deer like this!!!
175 pound male black bear taken with Parker bow thunderhead broadhead and nap QUIKFLETCH in Southampton VA
35 pound male bobcat taken with a Parker bow,thunderhead broadhead and NAP QUIKFLETCH in Southampton VA
The NAP Quickfletch Bone Collector Quick Spins helped get my arrow through a softball size hole and hit its mark on this Eastern Kentucky Brusier
196" of Texas Whitetail!!!!! NAP Spitefire MAXX smoked him!!!!!
My biggest buck to date thanks to scouting hard work and using the right equipment.
Rut is my favorite time to hunt at full draw for it seemed like forever and a hit just a little far back spitfire got it done thank you NAP
2013 Kentucky Buck-20 yds-NAP Killzone Maxx
Nothing big but my first mule deer ever.
Opening morning in East TN. Killed using Thunderhead 100grain fixed blade broadhead. Perfect heart shot at 18 yards. Photo of heart shows excellent cutting diameter by the broadhead. Great product !
174" Gross B&C Kansas Buck Killed September 28 in South Central Kansas. NAP Killzone Broadhead, Ben Pearson Pro 34 Bow.
took this bear on opening day in NY 10/1/13 with Thunderhead fixed blades, this bear weighed dressed was 367 lbs, 400-425 no dressed shot this bear 40 yard's out. and he ran about 300 yards and dropped
Antelope taken between 2 alfalfa fields from a telephone pole and a safety harness. Shot with a Mathews Helim, Injection arrows with Quikfletch vanes, and a D6 Thunderhead Razor broadhead.
Pope and Young bull taken on a cold, rainy, and foggy morning. Taken with a 62 lb Mathews Helim, Injection arrows with Quikfletch vanes, and a D6 Killzone broadhead. The bull kept walking toward me until I had to shoot at 25 yds.
Waupaca county Wi. 09/21/2013
5X5 bull taken in 25 mph winds with Quikspin vanes. The bull dropped within 30 yards.
This 300 lb. boar was taken on September 11th, 2013 near Ashland Wisconsin. This is my 2nd black bear and both were taken with the NAP 100 grain cut on contact Razorbak.
The second of my two caribou along the Manitoba/Nunavut border was also down in short order thanks to a Thunderhead RAZOR D6! These are sharp, true flying broadheads that will be in my quiver for a long time!
Only a few hours into my caribou hunt along the Manitoba/Nunavut border, the Thunderhead RAZOR D6 flew true and filled the first of my two caribou tags. Thank you NAP for excellent products that I can rely on!
Hi NAP Here is a picture of a pig I shot last year. Thanks for all your great products. Nathan
Shot this buck last night with a kill zone 100 grain double lung ran maybe 30 yards! Best broadheads I've seen threw the years! Our whole crew at all real outdoors shoot them!
This is not really a trophy, but I just wanted to send you all a pic of what the awesome Killzone Maxx can do. I have shot the killzone for 2 seasons and I love them.I will shoot them from now on.22 yards, shoulder shot complete pass through.
Got this 5x5 in North Dakota. First time using a Killzone broadhead and it had amazing results.