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Montana 2015 opening day 5x5 bull elk. I was using the Big Nasty D6 broadhead. Complete shoulder bone pass through with a broken rib on the opposite side. Complete body pass through also. I will sharpen the broadhead for future, it looks new.
Nov 7 2014 killzone
2014 Ohio Whitetail
2013 Ohio Whitetail
New Brunswick Black Bear
I killed this 8 point with the 100 grain Killzone. He was the first deer I had ever shot with the Killzone's and it made an impression. Massive entry hole and left a blood trail I could follow 50 yards in advance. Great head!
The Thunderhead is the best broadhead on the market!
Wyoming Antelope killed with an NAP spitfire.
Wyoming Antelope killed with an NAP spitfire.
Thank You for making FanTasTic Products
Thank You for making FanTasTic Products
Thank You for making FanTasTic Products
Thank You for making FanTasTic Products
Switched back to a fixed blade for my first elk hunt. Found a old box of Thunderheads I had from 20 years ago, bought new blades and sighted in. Third day on the trip I shot my first elk, heart shot at 40 yards! Thank you NAP.
Attached please find a photo of a bear I took on Prince of Wales Island using one of your Spitfire Broadheads. The bear was 20 7/16 after drying and was awarded 1st place by the Alaska Bowhunters Assocation as the largest taken in the State in 2014.
Trophy Class goat taken on the flats in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia
Trophy Class goat taken high in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia
Had been scouting this specific buck the entire summer before hunting season. He gave only one opportunity quartering away hard at 40 yards through the woods right before gun season and the killzone did the damage!
Shot him at 5 yards with the KillZone. The KillZone flat out tore him up, he only ran 50 yards. My biggest buck to date that went 175 1/8.
2015 Mule Deer
24" Impala ram I took last July in South Africa! slightly quartering away 18 yards shot, through & through & this fellow dropped around 50 yards away. I picked up my arrow 70 yards from where I shot it! Thunderhead Edge left a massive blood trail!
Beautiful 27" Nyala Bull a dream hunt for many & it came true for me thanks to my deadly NAP lethal combination! 20 yards broadside shot, complete pass through & this big boy dropped dead 15 yards further. Thunderhead edge & Quickspin ST vanes rule!
Beautiful 54 inch Kudu Bull I have taken on July 2014 in South Africa! 20 yards quartering away shot, that Thunderhead Edge made a big mess & this guy didn't make it 15 yards from where I shot it!
What's the largest bird you've ever shot? well mine is bigger than yours! a 40 yards facing on heart shot on this mature ostrich male, fell down 60 yards further. Thunderhead Edge & QuickSpin ST are a lethal combination I been using since 2011!
I got this buck on November 27th, 2014 in NE Ohio using a 100gr. NAP Spitfire. He made it 40 yards and dropped.
2014 Kansas Buck Mission MXB 400 crossbow HHA Optimizer sight NAP Crossbow Killzone broadhead
Shot at 30 yards with the kill zone awesome blood trail,best broadhead on the market. 154 inch typical ten with 16 scorable points, biggest deer I've ever shot.
Alberta Canada Nov. 21, 2914 bow hunt. Shot this 161 3/4" buck at 35 yards with a Deep Six Killzone n Easton Injection 400 using an Obsession Evolution Snow Camo pattern. This is my first big buck on a wonderful hunt. I was blessed on a great hunt.
2014 AZ Hunt
This is the world record cheetah by SCI ( safari club international ) on their site using the best broadhead on the market.
Bagged this buck in GA in about 20-30 MPH winds. It was an exciting morning and glad my NAP Killzone broadheads did such a great job. This buck ran about 50 yards after the shot.
Harvested two deer with my bow both with the thunderhead neither went farther than fifty or so yards very pleased with yalls products!
251.8 pounds after field dressed main frame 8-10 point Shot in Clinton county Mo 10-29-14 on public land
nap killzone is the real deal,southern wis buck
2014 CT NAP Spitfire Maxx
2014 CT buck NAP Spitfire Maxx
First buck and first bow kill. I harvested this buck on 11/8/14 at 20 yards. 6 pointer. 117 lbs field dressed. My peak draw weight is 40.5 lbs and the NAP hellrazor broadhead zipped through him and the deer only went 25 yards. Great broadhead! Thanks
20 yard shot with my new Kodabow cross bow. The buck made it for about 45 seconds and dropped hard. Unbelievable killing power!!!
40 yard shot. NAP Thunder head thru one lung and the heart. Hog traveled 50 yards after the shot. Hog weighed approx. 175 lb.'s
Second day of the 2014 season here in Ohio I shot this buck with a NAP Thunder head, he went 50 yards and piled up.
2nd animal in a week with Killzone in Alberta this have a believer in this broadhead....well done!!
NAP Killzone in Alberta this September.....great product!!
Took this buck back in 2009 with my Switchback shooting Axis Arrows and Spitfire 100s. A combination I will not be moving away from anytime soon.
2014 Arizona Deer over the counter tag 30" wide 29" tall Shot at 87 yards with a Spitfire Maxx 125 gr
I had this great ND Whitetail present a perfect broadside shot at 15 yards. The Killzone left an extremely impressive blood trail.
Second mature buck of the 2014 season! Person County NC, the NAP Spitfire 100 put him down!
Opening day bow buck, taken in Caswell County NC September 2014. 100 Grain Spitfire did the job; quick clean kill. The Apache Micro rest worked perfectly, no doubt the best rest I have ever used.
Harvested this great Mule Deer buck in Montana on opening day! The D6 Killzone and Easton D6 FMJ made short work of this giant!
Shot with a Spitfire Maxx at 87 yards. Arizona 2014 over the counter tag. 30" wide and 29" tall.
The FOC hit exactly where I aimed @ this Bear. The Bear ran a short 25 yards before expiring. Thanks NAP for making a great cross-bow specific head that performs as advertised!!
For the last 4 years I used a different type of Broadhead and was having problems tracking my deer due not enough blood. I went to a local dealer (Shorts Marine in Millsboro, De) and he suggested Killzone Broadheads. Well I didn't get to try it out last year, but on Sept 8th a week after Delaware's Opening for Bow I got the chance to see what it could do using my Crossbow with Killzone broadheads. I have attached a photo of the Buck I got. Check out the HOLE!! Wow!! I love them and would
Shot this deer in Arizona 2014 at 87 yards with the Spitfire maxx. 30" wide and 29" tall.
Have used the Killzone for 2 years now to take 7 different animals including this 2014 WY antelope. One great quality of the Killzone ( unlike the Rage ) you can shoot it thru the blind netting and blades won't open.
160 lb 9 point in full velvet, killed on opening day of South Carolina's Bow season. August 15, 2014.
This is a 200lb, 21" wide Georgia 8pt that I took in October of 2012. Everybody who has seen the picture wanted to know what broadhead I used? There is no hesitation on my part stating I used a Spitfire 100. Thanks for making such a fine broadhead