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2009 Spike Elk, This is my First Elk with my bow. He was standing 60 yrds away. The Spitfire went right throught the shoulderblade leaving about a two inch hole in the bone. He went about 50 yrds and died very quick. Spitfire will be my choce blade.
A nice 8 point buck shot on 09-15-09 with the new bloodrunner...the best broadhead on the market right now. Thanks NAP for another great product! He only went 60 yards before piling up and the blood trail was massive!!
self guided national forest shockwave
Self guided national forest shockwave
Sept 25,2009Sika stag in velvet maryland bow hunt self video for aftershockoutdoors video team.. I love nap products 3 deer down in 2 weeks with the spitfire maxx wow all on video!
My first alaskan hunt, Thunderhead held up great as it always does. Straight pass thru at 70 yards! and was down within seconds. My wife can't wait to get her a Caribou now and im sure it will be with a thunderhead.
160" 10 point taken in 2008
Early season proghorn shot in Wyoming. 76 5/8"
2009 Mule deer still in full velvet. Slipped up on him bedding in the afternoon and made a perfect shot at 17yds. Found him piled up in thick sage 100 yds from where he was shot.
73 3/8" buck shot on a DIY hunt in Wyoming. 65 yd shot and a 50 yd recovery.
15 5/8" Buck I shot on a DIY hunt in Wyoming. 42 yd quartering away shot and a 30 yd recovery.
This Javali was taken in Brasil and weight 130 k
Wow! You named this broadhead right! I shot this 1,800 pound Giant Eland in South Africa with the new BloodRunner 100. Giant Eland are really tough but are no match for the BloodRunner. The blood trail was unbeleivable!
I shot this great hog here in Hawaii. The Thunderhead 100 came through again as always!!
400 lbs old boar black bear taken on 9/9/09 with a 30 year outfitter, their comments "greatest blood trail ever seen, including gun! It was 6 inches wide and 30 yards long. You could not have painted the ground with a paint brush to make it any better!"
2009 MN Black Bear
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