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Water buffalo, shot at 30 yards withe the NAP Bloodrunner. Absolutely amazing performance.
I was lucky to see this magnificent whitetail sneaking into a thicket close to my stand. He pushed a doe out into the field and was soon following her. I was able to get a clean shot with cabelas carbon hunter arrows with spitfire broad heads at 35 yards.
Ohio,harvested 11/06/09 1557/8 green , love the quikfletch twister vanes. great product! mark
I started shooting Quick Spin vanes two years ago and found an undeniable increase in accuracy. The attached is 20 yrd shot 164" IL giant. Thanks for a great product...
Spitfire 11-07-09
November 14, 2009 bow season. 140 class 10 pointer southern illinois
This was a 9 pnt taken in South Ohio on 11-13-09 at 4pm. He ran about 45 yards, looked back and then did the the death spiral. The NightMare broadhead did a FANTASTIC job. He did not know that he was served.Thanks and I am a believerDan
10-24-09. I was still-hunting a nasty public land thicket, bowhunting with a modern firearm tag in Western Washington. Sensing my approach he slowly stood from his bed. One Nitron 100 put him down in short order. Small head; lethal results!
This buck was my first ever archery buck. I brought him down with the 100 grain Nightmare broadhead. He is going to look good on the wall!
Shot this 11 pt on november 7th, 2009. He went about 80 yards before expireing. This is my 15th deer using Spitfires and they have performed flawlessly on every animal shot.
22 Point White Tail taken in Licking County Ohio with the Blood Runner!
12 point Michigan buck shot on 01 November 2009 at 5:05p. Bleated and grunted him into bow range of 12 yards. Shot behind the right shoulder and exited out groin area. He ran maybe 65 yards before dropping dead. 100 gr Spitfires are simply awesome!
My 2nd buck of 2009. Hit him square in the shoulder but the Spitfire MaXX penetrated right through and took out both lungs and his heart. When I removed the broadhead after recovery it still looked brand new. These NAP heads are TOUGH!
10 point shot Nov. 6 in Coshocton county Ohio
My first 8-Pointer! Jefferson County, IL
I shot this buck on November 7th 2009 using Nightmare broadheads. The blood trail was massive! The shot was 35 yards and was a complete pass though shot. The buck didnt make it 50 yards before he piled up. The Nightmare put him down!
This was my first bow kill buck. I took the deer just outside of Post, TX. I killed the buck using the NAP Nightmare broadhead (100 grain). The deer didn't make it 70 yds. The Nightmare did the trick and I couldn't be happier.
I been watching this buck for a good month on trail cams then on Nov. 6 2009 he walked by quartering away at 44 yards the NAP Spitfire did a great job taking out both lungs and dropped less than 20 yards.
Spring turkey 2009 14lbs West Winfield N.Y
First Bear!!! Shot with the BLOODRUNNER. Taken from Caribou, Maine. Weighed 125 Lbs.
Within 5 minutes of rattling the BIG 14 appeared along the corn field. The hair on his back was raised as he circled my blind As this monster buck stepped into my shooting lane I released the arrow.
This is my first calico (piebald) deer.
This is my son Tanners 1st bow kill. He used the 100 gr. Thunderheads. Thanks for an awesome broadhead!!!!!We hunt in Northwest Florida.
2009 Whitetail
Mule Deer
2008 Whitetail
2007 Whitetail
2006 Whitetail
Black bear taken with the BLOODRUNNER. Bear was shot in Caribou, Maine
Maryland sika stag taken in velvet with a spitfire maxx. taken at 30 yards thanks for the great products guys!!
October 2009 Nitron 100 broadhead flew true and left devistating hole in the black bear... both entrance and exit. The bear was dead before he hit the ground.
This Springbok was taken in Namibia.
This Oryx was taken in Namibia.
This pig was taken with a head shot in Brasil.
This pheasant was taken in Brasil
This water Buffalo was taken in Brasil
This Rusa deer was taken in Brasil
This Rusa deer was taken in Brasil
This Javali was taken in Brasil 135 K.
This african wild cat was taken at the desert of Kalahari in Namibia
This two Oryx was taken at the desert of Kalahari in Namibia.
This Oryx was at the desert of Kalahari in Namibia.
This Blesbok was hunted in the desert of Kalahari.
2009 Indiana Urban 9 pt.
Frank Church wilderness 9/2009. After putting 2 good arrows in a nice bull, using a competitors' broadhead, that elk still got away. I pulled out my brand new NAP Crossfire 100gr heads, and the next bull went down with one shot at 10 yards. Go NAP!
Great Missouri buck taken with NAP bloodrunner. Shot at 30 yards.
Opening weekend of Wisconsin archery -crushed with a Spit fire100gr
2009 proved to be my best yet for archery hunting. This is a pic of my first Elk with a bow. The Spitfire xp pro at 60 yrds went straight throught the shoulderblade of this big Spike Bull.
This Bufalo was taken in Zimbabwe, first of the big five.
I killed this buck my 2nd hunt of the season. The spitfire broadhead dropped him in his tracks. I love your broadeads thanks for helping me take this buck.
Me and Dad with my fist spkie Bull
First mule deer ever, shot on public land unguided. 55yard shot and these broadheads group at 60 yards better than my old "spintight" ones did at 20.
Iowa Doe
loaded in 62.4008ms | 7/30/2014 4:13:37 PM