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November 12, 2007 10 pt with my QuikTune 2000!
2010 Indiana Urban 11 pt.
183 5/8 taken in northern Alberta with a hellrazor
10 Point Buck
I shot this 132 inch 8 pointer on Oct. 16, 2010 with a 100 gr. thunderhead
Mature doe taken on the 1st day of archery season of 2010. 10-16-10. used a 2009 martin cheetah. tru-glo 5pin sight. nap 360 quiktune rest. easton axis nano 340. nap twister vane. nap 2 blade bloodrunner broadhead.
Dropped this heavy mass 11 pointer on Dec 05, 2009 and once again the 100gr Shockwave did the job. Shot this guy at 30 yards and he ran only 50 yards before crashing down for the count. The Shockwave is a great product and I highly recommend this.
I shot this 161 6/8 nine point in Kansas at 39 yards. This is the second year I have been able to harvest a great buck over 155" with my Blood Runner 3 blade. Thanks for continuing to make superior bow equipment.
California Black Bear
2010 elk taken in MT on public ground, DIY.
October 2010 my first archery hunt, beautiful color-phase California black bear.
Shot at 25 yds. with Hoyt Alphamax and Hellrazor broadheads>
Shot at 40 yds. with a Hoyt Alphamax. Complete passthrough with Hellrazors.
Took this 6x6 down at 20 yards. Shot him with a Razorcaps 100 grain broadhead. Will use nothing else!
2010 MA black bear
This 340 green score heard bull was taken with a Spitfire, best darn broadhead ever used.
Spring Bear, 8 yards, 289lbs, Beman Team Realtree 340 arrow, quickspin 2"
My New Mexico 5X5. Stalked within 20 yrds of him bedded.
Got him with a Martin Bengel and Razorcaps extreme penetration 100 grain
Taken in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters. 125 grain Nitron, 30 yard recovery.
2010 Antelope taken in Wyoming with Table Mountain Outfitters. Shot with a 2 blade Bloodunner. 100 yard recovery. Watch the video at
196 lb 7 point whitetail
I shot this six point bull on a self guided hunt in north Idaho. I was shooting a hoit mt sport with nap crossfires i had bought two days earlier. Forty yard shot the broad head passed through ribs on each side got both lungs .
2010 Eastern Turkey, Indiana.
2010 Colorado 5x5 elk. High Country TSSR bow, Trophy Ridge Blast Arrows with Quick Spin vanes, NAP Spitfire 100gr and NAP Ouick Tune 4000 Drop Away rest. Complete pass through at 30 yds with NAP heads! Shot NAP broadheads for 30+ years nothing better
2010 bull # 5 scored 292 1/4 selfguided national forest nocked down by 100gr shock wave
Spitfire XP Pros are outstanding broadheads. They flew excatly like my field points, no adjustment or resighting in necessary. 50 yard shot that punched through the shoulder and ribcage...annihilating everything. Best part is it's still shootable.
June 3 2010 Manitoba Black Bear 6.5 feet nose to tail
august 2010 spit fire broadhead flew stright and drop the bear on the spot.
12 inch beard, 40 yards, thunderhead
200lb bear - NY 2009. Thunderhead 100gr broadhead. Superbperformance - the bear went less than 100 yards.
Nevada Cow Elk Hunt 2010. Used the same broadhead the previous year to get a 4 pt Mule deer also!
293 # blackbear taken in new brunswick canada via harts lake lodge using a mathews legacy with acc arrows tipped with 125 grain spitfire
Spring Bear in New Brunswick Canada M ay 21st 2010. First time using Thunderheads and man I was impress the 15 yard shot zipped right through the big Boar and he didn't go any further than 30 yards. I strongley recommend them thank's NAP.
I've shot Thunderhead 125s for over ten years now. When I'm hunting anything from Whitetails, Pronghorns, Black Bears, or Hawgs this is my broad head of choice.