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This tom turkey accounts for the 40th turkey I have killed with the ShockWave BH. I like the new chisel head design.
My 6 year old daughter practiced with her crossbow for 3 months before her first turkey hunt. When the big day came NAP Spitfire DoubleCross sealed the deal dropping this gobbler in his tracks just 3 yards from where he was hit. Thanks NAP!
Take 12/17/2016 with spitfire maxx. 156 5/8 pope and young.
I killed this 300lb hog with the Spitfire Maxx and my Mathews bow at 20 yards. It left a great blood trail, and he expired with in 40 yards of the shot. What a great head from a great company!
I shot this 170" buck with a NAP FOC. Both entrance and exit holes were enormous. The buck only ran 30 yards before dropping. Won't use any other broadhead!!
Ohio Whitetail
Ohio Whitetail
Ohio Whitetail
My 2016 Crossbow Mule Deer. Shot at 70 yards and fell within 30 yards. NAP Spitfire Crossbow broadhead did its job again!
My 2016 Crossbow Mule Deer. Shot at 70 yards and fell within 50 yards. NAP Spitfire Crossbow broadhead did its job again!
Little 6 point opening day of crossbow. Only day was able to get out. Came in on a grunt call. NAP Spitfire MAXX w/ a TENPOINT Turbo XLTII. 3 years with that setup 3 shots at deer and 3 deer down.
Late season CA archery 4x4 mule deer. The deer was shot at 40 yds broadside with an 85gr Thunderhead. The deer died in view in approx 50yds.
Shovelrack falls to the new DoubleCross. News at 11. I've been chasing this deer for years. After countless games of chess with a trailcam, it's finally a checkmate.
Cobb County , GA 10 point buck, gross score 132py. Taken on October 25,2016 with Nap 3 blade spitfire. Angled 18 yard shot top of left shoulder perfect exit right behind right shoulder. He ran no more than 30 yards and fell.
My girlfriend shot this 11 point in Central Kansas using the Spitfire Crossbow broad head. The deer went 50 yards and painted a blood trail which made it very easy to find. Thank you NAP
October 10th 2016 I was fortunate enough to take my best buck to date. A 13 point 162 1/2" whitetail. I made a perfect shot at 8 steps and sent a trophy tip KillZone straight through him. I switched to killzones a few yrs back and will not change now
Alberta, Canada using 125 grain Thunderhead. Complete pass through at 65 yds
NAP Slingblade broadhead on a carbon arrow, fired from a TenPoint crossbow.
On October 10th I was fortunate to take my largest buck to date.I grunted this buck in from 125yds away and made a perfect shot at 8 steps.. Killzone trophy tipperformed perfectly. 13 scorable points and gross scores at 162 1/2".thank you nap
Spotted this buck o opening day of my NM pronghorn hunt. closed the distance and let the Trivex do the rest!
This is my 9yr old son Luke and his first deer. He harvested his buck using a crossbow and NAP Spitfire Maxx Crossbow broad head on his arrow.
2015 PA Archery ..Spitfire 100 grain ..40 trail job ...ONE AWESOME BROADHEAD !!
TV Show host with a giant African Bush Pig killed with the Spitfire Doublecross.
2016 ND Spring Turkey
2015 Opening Day 5x5 bull. Big Nasty D6 Broadheads, incredible penetration.
450+ pound MN Black Bear taken from a ground blind! What a rush-the Killzone, once again, performed flawlessly!
30" Blue Wildabeest taken in South Africa, Limpopo Province on 8/14/2015 with a NAP Killzone D6 broadhead attached to an Easton Injection, pushed by a Bowtech Destroyer 350LE, at 32 yards with a complete passthrough (notice exit wound)on video.
Impala taken in South Africa, Limpopo Province on 8/9/2015 using a NAP Killzone Deep Six broadhead attached to an Easton Injection, & pushed by a Bowtech Destroyer 350LE, passthrough at 30 yd. on video.
Kudu, taken in South Africa Limpopo Province on 8/9/2015. NAP Killzone Deep Six broadhead attached to an Easton Injection, & pushed by a Bowtech Destroyer 350LE. Full passthrough at 30 yd. on video.
Bowtech Insanity CPXL 70# 32"DL 433gr ( 100gr SPITFIRE XXX)arrow@325fps, 25 yard shot on this 200# boar. 5" of penetration! Skull was half thick!!! I've been shooting the SPITFIRE head for over 15 years, love them. Only mechanical head I'll shoot
140 class P&Y taken with a 100gr NAP Killzone at 15 yds. Arrowed right between the two front shoulder blades. Only ran 40yds after the shot. 16 inches of penetration with a massive hole. Quick clean kill. Thanks NAP for a great broadhead.
Best deer of my life! Love spitfire maxx. Taken tons of deer with them but this one takes the cake!!!!!!
My Boy with my 2015 PA Buck ..Spitfire's are Simply the Best Broadhead Period !! They Fly straight and have Awesome entry and exit wounds what more could you ask for ??
Killed this guy on the morning of Friday the 13th on public land in Ohio. He was cruising through some thickets and came out at around 25 yards. I made a good shot and he only ran 30 yards and fell over. The NAP Slingblade did an amazing job.
I'd like to thank everyone at NAP for helping me harvest my biggest buck to date. The 2 inch cut on the NAP Killzone forgave the low shot I made in the armpit and cut the heart, making it lethal. The buck scored 137 1/8 inches as a 7 point.
The NAP Killzone has done it again...this time in Iowa. A great week with great friends!! Thanks for producing a quality product!
KILLZONE Crossbow broadhead is Awesome! Surgical in precision cut. Passed through the center of the heart and out the lung. Blood trail like I've never seen. He went 50 yards. Most humane, clean kill ever. This is forever my broadhead of choice.
I've always shot fixed blade broadheads, until I shot a nice buck last year and ended up losing blood in the CRP. Switched to the Killzone cut on contact and didn't have an issue at all this year. He ran 45 yards. Thank you for a great product!
Awesome product spitfire leaves gapping holes and awesome blood trails.the only thing I have in my quiver! !
Very durable head! Spined him, took a follow up shot and quickly expired. Both heads are usable again after resharpening and spin testing. Love the simplicity of the sling blades! Thanks again NAP, Garrett
I shot this guy thru the shoulders using your Crossbow Spitfire broadheads. He did the classic "mule kick" from a heart shot & ran about 125 yards to where he piled up dead. After going thru bone, the broadhead just needs new blades to be used again.
North Dakota elk
After disappointing performance from a competitors 3 blade mech, I did a more informed search for replacements. Immediately upon opening the package, I could tell the difference in quality. Shot my first buck through this morning without practice.
First ever archery buck in my 5th year of hunting, 11 points, scored 153. Columbia County Wisconsin. Harvested on 9/21/15. Proud to be representing women hunters with this gorgeous buck! Thank you Bloodrunner 3!
Taken on opening day in MT- 180.5"- 70 yard shot with a D6 Killzone- watched him tip over in 50 yards!
ND Elk. Taken with Easton Deep Six FMJ arrows and NAP deep six Big Nasty 100 gr broadhead. Gross Score 332