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The Expanded QuikFletch® Vane System

Posted by: New Archery Products
| Sep, 26 2012

The QuikFletch® vane system has become synonymous with ease of use and efficiency for thousands of archers and bowhunters since its release—making it faster and easier than ever to refletch arrows. With a pot of boiling water—you can fletch up to a dozen arrows in less than 10 minutes. That means less time fletching arrows, more time practicing and/or in the field hunting.

For 2012, NAP has expanded the QuikFletch lineup to include 3" Crossbow QuikFletch in both QuikSpin® and Twister® vane options; new QuikSpin & Twister QuikFletch featuring "black tubes"—as well as the new QuikFletch BLAZER® offerings—featuring Bohning® BLAZER vanes.

The "black tube" QuikFletch's are available in QuikSpin & Twister vanes in White/Yellow, White/Green, White/Orange and all-white vane color combinations.

The new QuikFletch BLAZER's are available in White/Yellow, White/Green and White/Orange vane color combinations.

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