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New QuikFletch Designs for 2011

Posted by: admin
| May, 31 2011

For those who have tried the QuikFletch—you already know how convenient and easy-to-use the QuikFletch vane system is. For 2011, NAP has gone back and made significant upgrades to the QuikFletch design. By utilizing new materials and manufacturing processes—NAP has been able to build a better overall product. As well, the new QuikFletch now offer exciting and colorful new artwork for more a dynamic looking overall design.

The QuikFletch is offered with QuikSpin or Twister vanes, and now includes a 3-inch model designed for crossbows.

Here are the new designs offered for 2011:

Bone Collector QuikFletch







Realtree QuikFletch






Archer's Choice QuikFletch

NEW_QF_ACorange-2.jpg NEW_QF_ACpink-2.jpg NEW_QF_ACyellow-2.jpg













"Big Buck Down"/The Crush QuikFletch

NEW_QF_BBDpink-2.jpg NEW_QF_BBDorange-2.jpg








New Archery Nation QuikFletch Twister






Standard QuikSpin QuikFletch (also available with orange or yellow vanes)






Standard Twister QuikFletch (also available with orange or green vanes)


3" Crossbow QuikFletch

xbow-quikfletch-quikspin.jpg xbow-quikfletch-twister.jpg