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NAP Archery Accessories Support Conservation in Elk Country

Posted by: developer
| Feb, 23 2010

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

MISSOULA, Mont.—Quality habitat, healthy elk herds and ample places to hunt them. Bowhunters can help make it real by buying two newly engineered accessories from New Archery Products (NAP). Each purchase of QuikTune 360° arrowrests and HellRazor broadheads supports the conservation work of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Brady Arview, vice president of marketing for NAP, said, “Bowhunting for elk in September—it doesn’t get any better. That’s why we’re proud to partner with RMEF and help ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat by offering these two specially licensed products.”

Improved and better than ever, the QuikTune 360° arrowrest is a full-containment system that boasts no vane contact at any angle. For the bowhunter, this translates to less drag, no ripped or crinkled fletching, greater speed and increased accuracy. The arrowrest performs equally well in wet or freezing conditions, has a quick set-up time and is micro adjustable. It is available in right- or left-hand models in black, tan or camo.

HellRazor broadheads are the ultimate tool on the business end of a hunting arrow. These cut-on-contact, one-piece broadheads are designed to maximize accuracy and penetration from today’s fast, high-performance bows.

“NAP has a long reputation as a premier archery accessory company. Because of the quality of their products and spirit of conservation, we are honored to have NAP on board as a part of our family,” said RMEF Vice President of Marketing Steve Decker.

RMEF recently passed two key milestones of special note to bowhunters: 5.7 million acres of mostly public-land habitat enhanced or conserved, and 585,000 acres opened or secured for public hunting.

Look for QuikTune 360° arrowrests and HellRazor broadheads, along with other NAP bowhunting accessories, wherever archery products are sold.