New Archery Products


Posted by: developer
| Jan, 13 2010

New Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories, announces the New Thunderhead Edge for 2010. More than 25 years, Thunderhead has been the number one choice of broadheads for hunters. One cannot help but be excited to see how the next generation, the Thunderhead Edge, will give the diehard hunter the extra EDGE and confidence to succeed in their quest for the next trophy.

The Thunderhead Edge has all of the features that have made the Thunderhead the standard in fixed blade broadheads and more! The Thunderhead Edge’s exclusive straight/serrated Bone Saw, deep-set blade technology with their patented Trophy Tip® slices through hide and flesh and saws through bone like a hot knife through butter while the micro-grooved pro ferrules provide unrivaled accuracy and penetration. The new offset, super-tough, replaceable, stainless steel DIAMIZE® blades produce gaping entry and exit holes for massive blood trails. The Thunderhead Edge does not require a lock ring, o-rings or UBARS and provides easy blade replacement. The new “Tough as Steel” aircraft aluminum ferrule design along with precision manufacturing allows it to deliver tack-driving accuracy from a fixed blade broadhead. The Thunderhead Edge comes fully assembled and ready to shoot.

A time tested, proven broadhead just got better!!!

  • th_edge.jpgAvailable in 100 grain 3-pak
  • Blade thickness: .030”
  • Cutting diameter: 1-1/8”
  • MSRP: $34.99