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BloodRunner and HellRazor Chosen for the 2009 Best Buy Awards

Posted by: developer
| Oct, 15 2009

best-buy-winner.jpgExcellence and success should go hand in hand. Archery retailers, as well as archery consumers, cling steadfastly to that belief. Both groups sort continually through the myriad of archery and bowhunting products available, struggling to identify specific items that deliver on their promises-a better bow, faster arrows and sharper broadheads. But the struggle is not easy. Thousands of products are offered. Some work wonderfully. Others frankly do not.

Years ago Inside Archery created the prestigious Best Buy Awards Program to do two things. First the program was designed to single out and recognize those archery and bowhunting products that have proven to be exceptional in terms of actual performance. Excellence deserves to be recognized.

Second, the Inside Archery Best Buy Awards Program was created to help archery retailers clearly identify specific products which enable retailers to boost their own sales and profits, right along with the satisfcation levels of their customers. Excellence should breed success.

To accomplish those two things, every summer Inside Archery surveys a wide range of archery retailers from one end of the country to the other, gathering information on which products sold best throughout the year. For 2009, retailers responded by selecting Best Buy winners in a broad range of categories.

Top vote-getters in each product category are listed as "2009 Best Buys." In a few of the most hotly contested categories, the final tally was so close that Best Buy ties were decleared. In archery and bowhunting, excellence and success do go hand in hand.

hellrazor-best-buy.jpgBlade-Point Fixed-Blade Broadheads
NAP HellRazor
Comments: Really tough broadheads. Fly great and penetrate deep.

bloodrunner-best-buy.jpgRear-Deployment Expandable Broadheads
NAP BloodRunner
Comments: The new NAP BloodRunner combines the best of everything in a single, advanced broadhead.

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