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NAP QuikTune Freedom

Posted by: developer
| Sep, 1 2008

No Strings Attached

The next generation of full containment drop-away arrow rest is here. Brand new from New Archery Products is the QuikTune Freedom, a revolutionary new full containment drop-away that delivers more…with no strings (or cables) attached.

Dispelling the notion that drop-away arrow rests must be troublesome to set up and difficult to adjust, the NAP QuikTune Freedom sets up easily and all adjustments are simple, precise and ultra convenient, with set-up time less than five minutes.


The QuikTune Freedom’s patent pending automatic arrow sizing feature enables the archer to use any size arrow shaft from small diameter carbon to the large diameter aluminum shafts. The no-rebound launcher feature assures absolutely no bounce back. This unit has proven to be silent under any hunting condition. In addition, the new QuikTune Freedom is one of the most forgiving drop-away arrow rest ever offered. The QuikTune Freedom is bound to be one the finest hunting rests ever developed. MSRP $54.99

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