New Archery Products

NAP's Spitfire MAXX

Posted by: developer
| Aug, 6 2008

Maximizing Cutting Diameter

New Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories, has recently expanded its broadhead line with the new Spitfire Maxx.

One of best expandable broadheads for over 10 years just got better! Bowhunters have long considered the NAP Spitfire the ultimate expandable broadhead. Its precision tolerances and patented snap-lock blade retention system (no O-rings or rubber bands) put it head and shoulders above the competition. Now there is a next-generation Spitfire, the new NAP Spitfire Maxx. This new Spitfire features a deadly cut-on-contact blade tip that opens the way for unprecedented penetration.


At impact, the NAP Spitfire Maxx cuts clean. Then three razor-sharp NAP Diamize expandable blades open smoothly to a devastating 1.75 inch cutting diameter. Both the main blades and the cut-on-contact are conveniently replaceable. NAP’s new Spitfire Maxx offers perfect arrow flight and pinpoint accuracy with a massive exit hole for shorter blood trails. Boosting the arrow flight and accuracy of the new NAP Spitfire Maxx is a unique, micro-grooved ferrule. That special surface serves to super-stabilize airflow over the broadhead during flight, amplifying arrow stability and improving accuracy. The blade thickness is 0.027” with sharpness you come to expect from New Archery Products. The Spitfire Maxx is available in 100 grains and sold in 3 packs for $39.99.

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