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NAP's Braxe Broadhead

Posted by: developer
| Oct, 15 2008

The ultimate in strength and performance.

New Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories, has once again expanded its broadhead line with the new Braxe. NAP’s engineers have now implemented CDT or “Core Drilling Technology” which is guaranteed to deliver a spiral wound channel with the quickest kill possible each and every time. The Braxe features 3 double-edge razor-sharp offset blades and a bone-splitting Trivex point. What gives this Broadhead exceptional performance is 3 additional cutting edges which deliver a devastating wound channel from entry to exit. NAP’s Braxe with its “Core Drilling Technology” creates a level or performance that no other competitor’s broadheads in this category can match.Braxe
Available in 100 grain weight, with a 1-1/4” cutting diameter, and 0.030” thick blades the Braxe is sure to be a success with today’s bowhunters. The Trivex point with its convex surface is field-proven to split apart and shatter bone. The offset replaceable blades are bedded deep within the ferrule providing the Braxe broadhead with ultimate strength and performance for every bowhunter.

“The Braxe is a powerful new broadhead concept intended for modern high energy compound bows. It borrows the design secrets proven in medieval weapons and gives you benefits no other broadhead can provide” states Andy Simo, Owner/President of NAP.

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