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Turkey Hunting with the New Spitfire DoubleCross

Posted by: Chris Hunter
| May, 12 2016
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On a recent Iowa bow hunt this old bird finally dropped inside the arena and offered a 43 yard shot after a late roost in the morning fog. Trying to keep a 5 year old hunting partner quiet and still enough to work the video camera, and also ready for the shot, made it even more of an epic hunt all together!
The shot was spot on and the bird traveled just a short ways on his feet before tipping over in the alfalfa covered in red.

Chris Hunter poses with a big Iowa gobbler taken with the new Spitfire DoubleCross.

The new Spitfire DoubleCross is a combination of our best proven blade retention systems, as it totes 4 blades of cutting surface harnessed off of a "two stage resistance fighting technology." With this lethal combination, we have seen unmatched penetration on heavy bone on some of the largest of game (elk and hogs).... and the wounds are very unique in themselves. The primary blades offer a 1 7/8" cutting diameter, and the secondary bleeder blades offer an additional 1 1/8" cut for a total cutting surface of 3 inches.

With 3 inches of total cutting surface the DoubleCross leaves deadly entry and exit wounds.

With pinpoint accuracy and the security that they will stay closed in flight, the Spitfire DoubleCross is a broadhead that can accurately hit behind the pin every time and undoubtedly deliver the kind of trauma and blood-trails we all dream of!
I'm proud to be a part of this company and the new design, and I'm eager to root you all on as well this season just the same. Please visit your local NAP dealer to gear up with the best equipment we offer and good luck to you all in your own adventures as well.
We thank you again for all of your continuous support of our entire brand... "Hunt with Confidence, Hunt with NAP!"