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Getting it Done : Spring Turkey 2011

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Apr, 14 2011

As Spring continues rolling along, more NAP staff and "friends" are getting it done on some excellent birds! Congrats to all, and continued good luck to our fellow bowhunters.


Joe Diestel with two turkeys in Kansas

New Archery Nation Field Staff member, Joe Diestel, followed up a Nebraska double with two more fine birds in Kansas. All 4 birds were taken with the Spitfire MAXX


Stever Flores with a Kansas turkey

Steve Flores, Staff member, with bird #1 in Kansas.


Steve Flores with turkey #2 in Kansas

Steve with bird #2, a fine Kansas gobbler. Both birds were taken with the Spitfire Gobbler Getter.


Jeremy, Cody & Conley Eldridge with Nebraska turkeys

Jeremy Eldredge of Hoyt Archery, with sons Conley (left) and Cody (right) all found success in Nebraska.


Conley Eldredge

Conley took this fine Nebraska bird with the Razorcap.


Cody Eldredge

Cody took his Nebraska bird with the Hellrazor.

Congrats to all on success in the turkey fields!