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Field Goal: It's Good ... really, really good!

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Nov, 28 2011

In the summer of 2011, New Archery Nation Field Staffer, Joe Diestel was running trailcams in Central Missouri, hoping to lock in on a target buck for the fall archery season. In short order, Joe managed to locate a promising buck early in the Summer that he eventually tagged "Field Goal", due to his tall brow tines and wide spread. Joe tracked the buck on cam the entire Summer, in hopes of patterning the buck before opening day of Missouri's archery season.

In the end, Joe managed to dial in on Field Goal, and within two weeks of opening day, he managed to tag the buck ... better yet, Joe managed to video the entire hunt!

Armed with the Spitfire MAXX, Joe finished the job on a fantastic buck ... taping out at over 160"!! Congrats to Joe on a fine 2011 season, capped off with putting his tag on a buck he had spent the entire Summer working hard to locate and pattern!

"Field Goal" in early Summer trailcam photo

Joe captured a promising trailcam photo of "Field Goal" early in the Summer 

final "Field Goal" trailcam photo

A late Summer trailcam photo proves that "Field Goal" was indeed a "dream buck"

"still shot" from the hunt for "Field Goal"

A "still" captured from the hunt footage showing "the shot" that utlimately ended up with Joe's tag on a fine buck!

Joe Diestel with "Field Goal"

The result of hard work and determination. Congrats Joe on a true "dream buck"!