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The "Ultimate Outdoor Adventure"—North Dakota Success

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Sep, 10 2010

Jason McKee—New Archery Nation Field Staff | Illinois

I had the privilege of sharing camp with the crew from Team UOA for the North Dakota whitetail opener from Sept. 3-6 this year. My personal goal was to land my first velvet buck … mission completed.

The entire experience was amazing. North Dakota might hold some of the most beautiful terrain I've personally experienced … and the whitetail hunting was top notch. Being from Illinois, I wasn't accustomed to seeing so many deer while hunting.

By the end of the hunt, we had taken 4 excellent bucks. John Arman and Corey Spotted Bear had already started things off in fine fashion on a Reservation hunt the previous week, doubling on a beautiful pair of velvet bucks. The momentum just kept moving in our favor, and by the time I left North Dakota, our "crew" had successfully taken 6 bucks!

I'd like to thank John Arman and his brother, Russ for inviting me up to share a hunt at their family ranch. Their father bought the ranch many years ago, and after years of time spent there with the family, it was handed to John and Russ to manage … and they've done a fine job of doing just that. It was obvious that the family "ranch" was more than just "land" to them … and their devotion to the stewardship of the ranch, and their appreciation for what their father started so many years ago is obvious.

As well, Jason Wright and Kurt Schirado of Team UOA, Jacob Stark of Delta/McKenzie Targets, along with Mario Guisto and Robert Martin of Blacks Creek also made the entire experience one that I will never forget. So, thanks to Team UOA for a memorable hunt, great company and hospitality. May your own success continue as you move through the rest of your time spent afield!

Here are a collection of photos from the hunt:

(left to right) John Arman and Jason Wright of Team UOA; Robert Martin of Blacks Creek situating gear for the next hunt.

Home away from home ... The cabin built by the Arman family made for a great stay.

The cabin decor speaks to the passion the Arman family and Team UOA have for hunting and the outdoors.

A birdseye view of the cabin from one of the highest points on the ranch. Just beautiful country!

This is the old farmhouse that the Arman family shared prior to building the cabin.

This is a small river that flows right through the Arman's ranch. Mario and Jake took some time to snag a few fish at midday.

Just one of several magnificent views from around the Arman ranch.

A young resident buck decided to pose for the camera.

Quite possibly the largest cottonwood tree I'll ever see.

The view from inside the blind I took my velvet 10-pointer. Mine was one of two excellent bucks taken from this spot over the weekend.

My "choice ammo" for the hunt. Easton AXIS 340's with Realtree QuikFletch's, tipped with the Spitfire Maxx. A deadly combo.

Corey Spotted Bear with a beautiful velvet buck taken with the Thunderhead EDGE..

John Arman of Team UOA also found success on a beautiful velvet buck with the Thunderhead EDGE.

Russ Arman of Team UOA with a gorgeous 10-pointer just out of velvet. Russ was also shooting the Thunderhead EDGE.

Jake Stark of Delta/McKenzie Targets took a beautiful 9-pointer on the final evening with the Bloodrunner 2-blade.

Jason Wright (on right) of Team UOA took an excellent 11-pointer on the first evening with the Nitron.

I finally landed my first velvet buck, a beautiful 10-pointer. (on left)

Mission complete! My first velvet buck. I was shooting a Hoyt Maxxis 31, with an NAP Apache drop-away rest, Easton Axis 340 arrows with Realtree QuikFletch's and Spitfire MAXX heads. Thanks again to Team UOA for a wonderful experience!

To see video footage from my hunt, visit, or go to Vimeo for an alternate version. For more video hunts from Team UOA, you can also view their channel at To order any of the available Team UOA dvd's, visit their site.

Thanks again to John and Russ Arman, Team UOA and all the fine folks who shared camp with me in North Dakota. It was truly an experience I will never forget!