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First Bow Bird!

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Jun, 24 2010

Jacob Vavricka—New Archery Nation Field Staff | California

Jacob Vavricka

New Archery Nation Field Staff member, Jacob Vavricka celebrates his first turkey bow kill with a 100gr. Thunderhead.

My dad and I got up at 5:00 am and got everything loaded into the truck and headed out. We walked down into a valley and set up on a bird we heard earlier. My dad started calling and all that came in was a hen. At about 7:30 we moved to a different spot—and right off the bat 3 gobblers lit up off in the distance. We didn't have much time to set up so we just dropped to the ground and stayed still.

My dad kept calling to the bird and working him in closer, then out of the brush I saw his head about 23 yards away, I drew my bow back and the bird stopped. For about 2 minutes the bird stayed frozen and only showed his head, but he then calmed down and took another step showing his shoulder.

I steadied my bow and let an arrow fly and heard a hollow thud. I jumped up and ran to where I had shot him and he wasn't there but a blood covered NAP thunderhead told me he would not be very far.

We followed the blood trail and found him about 30 yards away piled up in the brush. The bird weighed 19 pounds with an 8 1/4" beard.

The NAP thunderhead did a complete pass-thru and blew through both wing sockets—absolutely an outstanding broadhead.

Congratulations to Jacob on his first archery turkey!