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Tuning Day

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Jun, 16 2010

With some of the earlier big game "Opening Days" just around the corner, I always like to "tune" a new rig with the broadhead model I intend to hunt with. So, with my new Hoyt Maxxis in hand, a dozen "freshly QuikFletch'd" arrows, and a couple Thunderhead EDGE heads in hand—I set out last weekend to do some broadhead tuning. At the end of the "experiment", I had 4 arrows badly in need of new QuikFletch's ... but confidence in my rig to put the Thunderhead EDGE right where I wanted it. Now ... bring on September!

In groups of "twos", the Maxxis was stacking arrows side-by-side.

From the other end.

The results when a Thunderhead EDGE meets a QuikFletch vane.

This is a short video showing the shot sequence that resulted in the above photo. As you'll see, the EDGE-tipped arrow drops right on top of the "fieldtip" arrow from the previous shot. You'll be able to see the vane "exit" to the right in slow motion. "Ready to hunt".