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The NEW Bloodrunner 2-blade—One Heavy Hitter

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| May, 25 2010

Frank Cutrona is an avid bowhunter from Gunnison, CO. Outside of chasing Elk and other game here in the US—Frank spends much of his time hunting and working at his Wild Africa Safaris resort in Africa (

Frank recently contacted us about a successful hunt for a beautiful 55" Kudo he shot with the new Bloodrunner 2-blade. The Kudu was standing at a slight quartering to angle. Frank placed the shot on the front left leg and it exited out the back right.  The shot took out the lung, liver and produced excellent penetration. Frank stated, "The shot did deflect off the rib cage at some point and bent my Full Metal Jacket arrow. But the amazing part of this is the broadhead was ready to use again!"

Frank followed up his successful Kudu hunt by taking a Blue Wildebeest with the 2-blade Bloodrunner. Both animals went a maximum of 50 yards after the shot before expiring.

Frank will be heading back to Wild Africa Safaris soon in a quest for an Eland, Gemsbuck and Brushbuck.

Congrats to Frank on a fine Kudu—and best wishes for more success on his coming hunts!

Frank Cutrona