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Rick Philippi—Staying Power

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| May, 25 2010

Rick Philippi has been a long-time member of NAP's pro staff—and continues his role with NAP as a member of the newly formed New Archery Nation Field Staff. Rick is an avid bowman, and has successfully taken numerous animals over the years. Rick also enjoys writing and filming his own hunts whenever possible. Some of Rick's online articles can be found on

Here's a brief overview of Rick's history and experiences with NAP's products over the years.

For the past twenty years I have used New Archery Products broadheads. I have taken over 200 animals with their broadheads and I can’t think of one instance where a NAP broadhead failed me. President and founder, Andy Simo started the company in 1971 in his basement, and to date, the company has grown into a 29,000 square foot facility. Andy was one of the true pioneers in broadhead development.

The first NAP broadhead I shot was the 160 grain Thunderhead. What a head! The blood trail this head left was like a road map. I have shot the whole lineup of NAP broadheads over the years. Currently I am shooting the Spitfire XP Pro, and what I love about this head is that it shoots exactly like my field tips. Jump out to NAP’s website to look at their whole lineup of products.

Safe hunting,


Rick is pictured here with a Turkey he killed using the NAP Spitfire.

Rick's son gets in on the action with a fine P&Y buck taken with the Spitfire MAXX.

New Archery Nation Field Staff member, Rick Philippi with a beautiful buffalo taken with the NAP Razorcaps broadhead.

Rick pictured with proof of more Razorcap success!