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Spring Bear

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Apr, 22 2010

"New Archery Nation" Field Staff member, and host of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures, John Arman, and his Team UOA squad are setting out for some Spring Bear hunting. We'd like to wish them good luck and safe hunting on their upcoming trip—and look forward to seeing some success stories soon!

Well Spring is finally here in the Dakotas,  and after a long winter I am ready to head north. It has been an annual tradition for Team UOA and friends to head to Canada for a spring bear hunt, and this year is no different. We will be heading up to northern Manitoba and hunting with Dave Vandamere of Cormorant Lake lodge. Over the past years we have taken some beautiful bears with Dave and have had a great time in camp and on the water. Over the past month I have been shooting the new Bloodrunner and Thunderhead Edge—and love them both. I have not yet decided on which head to use, but I guess either way, the results will be the same. We head out on May 29, so I will keep you informed of how things go. I am hoping for some trail cam pictures to have for all to see.

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John Arman

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John Arman

Team UOA co-host, Kurt Shirado took this fine bear in 2009 with the NAP Nightmare broadhead.

John Arman

Team UOA co-host, Jason Wright, with his 2009 bruin. Another bear taken using NAP's broadhead & QuikSpin vanes.