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It's Turkey Time

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Apr, 22 2010

With the "layoff" since the close of the past Fall deer season finally over—it's time for some Sprint Turkey hunting. Some of NAP's "New Archery Nation" Field Staff and friends have started hitting the field trying to bag birds. Here's wishing good luck to all the turkey hunters this Spring.

New Archery Nation Field Staff member, Art Helin, has started off 2010 on a hot streak! Art has been shooting the new Spitfire EDGE and Spitfire MAXX heads. He will also add the Bloodrunner 3-blade and the new Bloodrunner 2-blade into the mix in the coming weeks!

Art with another example of early Spring success!

Also joining in on some early Spring Turkey success is co-host of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures, Kurt Schirado, with a Bloodrunner 3-blade kill on a fine bird.